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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Baby's 3rd Month Birthday

Hey, did I ever mention before that Baby Gaby has a "monthly birthday" celebration? Guess not. But anyway, just for everyone to know, our baby in between has turned 3 months old last February 4. I was not here though to celebrate it with her. (too bad :( huhuhu) But boi I'm glad to see the photos taken by her nanny when she turned 3 months. Here, let me share to you some of her pictures:

Wow, look at her smile! How about this one?

Oh, my baby's so adorable! Her eyes, her lips, her smile, oh she's really a cutie. Isn't it so obvious that I'm such a proud mom?..LOLZ..

I am really happy that my baby is getting prettier and healthier. I never imagined that she would be a jolly baby because when I was conceiving her, I was under so much stress and even experienced prenatal depression. Really, I thank God so much for this wonderful blessing.

"Belated Happy 3rd month b-day Gab! Mommy loves you so much! Mwuah!"