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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, PAPA GHIE!

Today is the birthday of the baby in between's papa. He's still away from us, so we just celebrated it with him there inside his room in Korea, and us here in our small place "feasting" on this little "salu-salo" that I prepared.

I could not think of a more special gift to give him, so I just decided to buy this small cake for him, with its candle blown by his daughter after we sung Happy Birthday.

You know, during occasion's like this, I could not help but feel sad because our celebration would be a lot happier if we are together. During my birthday last March, me and my friends were celebrating here inside the house, while he watched us in webcam; same thing when his daughter celebrates her monthly birthday.

It's really sad that we can't be together yet during these important occasions of our lives. But I know, this won't be forever. He will come home to see us, and hopefully he'll spend time with us especially on special days such as this.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Baby in Between Joins A Blogging Contest...Again!

Well..well..well..Here I go again. I know, I know, maybe you're thinking that I'm in dire need of money that's why I'm joining almost every blogging contest that I stumble upon on the net. Well, not exactly. I'm just doing this for fun you know. The baby in between is still not with me here, so to keep myself occupied, I go blog hoppin' and do something worthwhile or even worthless just to kill time.

Okay, so I've seen this post from Say Goodbye to the Pounds blog which talks about the blogging contest hosted by Entrepreneur life. It's a good contest, imagine winning that $50 by simply writing a post. So, I told myself that I have nothing to lose if I join this one. Of course, I also want a chance to win that $50, but I'm not taking it too seriously. If I win, then good. And if I don't, well, better luck next time.

How to join? Here are the rules: 1. You have to subscribe to Entrepreneur Life's RSS feed. 2. Write a short post, around 50 words, to disseminate the info about this contest. 3. Link back your post to the contest. 4. Write your comment and your post link below the Entrepreneur Life's contest post to announce your entry. and 5. If you win, you should announce it on your blog as soon as the $50 is paid to you.

So, is that easy to win $50? If you think it is, then why not give it a try? Remember, you have nothing to lose.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Home Alone

I'm alone, home alone for the first time after almost 6 months. I never thought that this could be so hard. I miss my little girl so much. While writing this post, I can imagine her lying next to me, her eyes gazing at me, and her face with that beaming smile enticing me to just sit and play with her.

Why did I ever agree with my baby's dad to let his mother take her for a vacation? Now, I'm so down, I couldn't even explain the loneliness that I'm feeling. It's so silent here, and it's killin' me.

I miss my little girl so much. As in soooo much. Every minute that passes without seeing Gaby inside this house is torture. This is just the first night, what about tomorrow, and then the next day, and the next??? Aaarrrgghhh!!!

Come home to Mommy soon Gab! This house is never a home without you.

The Baby in Between Joins A Blogging Contest

I'm sticking to my plan of not going home early tonight. So, while having a break and searching through entrecard, I come across this interesting blogging contest from Mel In a Nut Shell. Well, it won't hurt if I give it a shot; anyhow, $20 is something for a mom of a "5-month-old-baby-but-away-from-mommy" like me.

So, how to enter this contest? Very simple, in fact even a 1st-grader can do it..Ooowwwss, come on. Lols. Moving on, all you have to do is to make a post which links to Mel In a Nut Shell's main page. You can write your post any way you like it, just make sure to include a bit of info about this "Want to Win $20?" blogging contest. Then, after that, you can place her blog's badge somewhere on your blog. How to do it? Simply copy the code from this post.

Okay, that's it. Keeping my fingers crossed now that I'll win this contest. Harharhar. lols.

(Just trying to entertain myself here. I'm missing my Baby Gaby so much :( sob )

I Don't Want to Go Home...

When I was away from home last February and March, I kept on counting the days when I'd finally come home and be with the baby in between again. But now, it's the other way around. I don't want to go home, I swear. Why? Because it's the first time that I'll go home without my baby around.

Just this afternoon, Baby Gaby's nanny, Ate Ging, sent me a text message saying that Gaby's grandma was already there, ready to take Gaby with her for one-week vacation at her place, which is a couple of miles away from mine. After reading it, I felt like crying and my chest tightened as if I was running out of breath.

After almost 6 months of giving birth to this adorable little girl, this would be the first time that I'd be going home without her. Darn, just the thought of not seeing her cute eyes and smile when I opened that door, it tears my heart into pieces. And what more when I lie on my bed to sleep and wake up in the morning without her beside me...

Gosh, I'll gonna miss Baby Gab so much. I'm just not used to going home without her. She's the main reason why I'm always very eager to go home after working here inside the office for 9 hours. But now that she's not there, I find it so hard to leave the office, much more to open that door and see no one inside.

Can somebody adopt me for a week please?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A "Not-So" Relaxing Weekend But...

Last weekend, the family of Baby Gaby's dad came over to our place for a visit. Although I was unhappy at first to know that almost all the immediate members of his family were coming, I was able to appreciate it later on. You know, it was the first time that Papa Ghie's dad saw our "baby in between". I felt happy of course because I've always wanted my daughter to be recognized by her dad's family, most especially by her lolo and lola. I don't have a mom anymore, and my dad, well, he has a new family already, so from my side, Gaby has nothing to expect.

Anyway, to continue my story, Ghie's family arrived in the afternoon. I guess, it would be an exaggeration if I say that I felt so restless the whole time I was waiting for their arrival, but that's exactly how I felt. I didn't know what to expect from Ghie's dad, so a lot of questions and worries crossed my mind. I tried to set aside those by keeping myself busy. In the morning, Gaby's nanny and I had a general cleaning to make sure that the house will be clean enough to look at and stay in overnight. I polished the floor, cleaned the bathroom, and organized everything. 'Though I felt tired after doing those chores, everything just disappeared when I saw Gaby's grandpa carried her in his arms for the first time.

Both Ghie's parents were happy to see Baby Gaby. They tried to play with her and make her smile, but baby was not used to seeing so many people inside the house so she was a little bit unfriendly. However, after a few hours, she started playing already and became responsive to her lola, lolo, tita, and cousins.

The house looked like a disaster over the weekend, especially with Baby Gaby's 3-year old cousin around. But I didn't mind that much. (Ows, really? Oooppss, who said that?) After all, it was only for a day and a half. My "not-so-relaxing" weekend is nothing compared to the joy of seeing my little girl being recognized by her dad's family.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Until now, I can't seem to figure out why I have to exert so much effort to please those people who were never there for me during the most difficult time of my life? And why do I have this feeling that if I will not be able to please them, I will lose that one dream which I've wanted to achieve ever since - and that is a FAMILY WHICH I CAN CALL MY OWN?

Maybe you're confused as to what I'm talking about right now. Anyhow, I won't share the details, I just want to express what I'm feeling.

I am so outraged. Why? Because no matter what I do, it seems that no one has ever really appreciated me. Why does it seem that I'm in a competition of some sort, while in fact it was me who is being tried to win back? You see, what happened now is the other way around. It seems that it is me now who needs to exert so much effort to ensure that I will have a complete family in the end. And if my effort is not enough, I will be abandoned just like before.

Darn, why does s*it always have to happen?