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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to Babysitting 101

It's been months since I last stayed at home with the baby in between alone. I guess, she was only around 3 months old then. Now, that Baby Gaby is already a year and a month old, I don't know if babysitting her will be as easy as it was.

Why back to babysitting? Well, I let her nanny go for a 6-day vacation since I don't have work for 6 straight days. Actually, it's my Christmas and New Year's gift to her. I let her choose between going home with me paying the fare for her trip or keeping the money to herself as her Christmas bonus, and well she chose the former so what can I do but to grant it. After all, she deserves also a long vacation this holiday season.

So, okay I'm back to babysitting 101 beginning today. OMG, I can just imagine how tiring it is to look after a toddler now! How I wish she's still my little baby who just sleeps the whole day...


fedhz said...

Time flies so fast! You wonder where their agility is coming from.. lol

My daughter is now 20 months and is hyper ever since. Even when she was still in my tummy, she kept on kicking me. Geez... ^^v