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Friday, December 26, 2008

Boring Friday

Although it's still Christmas season, I could hardly feel any excitement here in our place. And just like yesterday, today is yet another boring day. Me, the nanny, and Baby Gaby is just here inside the house, watch TV, and sleep whenever we want to. Really boring! And though I'm online most of the time, I could not focus blogging because the baby in between comes near me and taps the laptop from time to time. Oh well, this is what I hate when babies become toddlers. Whew!

But anyway, boring as this day may seem, I'd better make the most out of this day because tomorrow, the baby in between will be nannyless, and that means I'll be babysitting for the rest of the holidays. Oh boy! For the first time in months, I'll be staying alone with Baby Gaby and so, I'm expecting the worst. So much for the Christmas and New Year's vacation, huh!