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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Police Gears for Me, But For You, Perhaps!

Did I ever mention to you before that I once dreamt to be a military or police officer? Hmmm, I guess so. I think, I’ve mentioned it in my other personal blog.

Anyway, why am I reminded about this? It’s simply because I’ve seen one TV show last Thursday about a police officer having an encounter with criminals. I was so amazed with how he responded on the situation, and though he was not able to catch those criminals that day. I was glad to know that they were arrested recently.

I really admired the police officer’s toughness, not to mention his looks as he wears those police gears. Way back, I imagined myself wearing that tough uniform and other gears for protection. But well, that’s just all part of a dream now.

Anyway, for those who were lucky enough to pursue their dream of becoming police officers, here’s a great news for you! Police gears can now be purchased online for more convenience. Where? Here at, your one-stop online shop that offers a wide selection of police gears like the 5.11 Tactical Watch.

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