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Friday, December 5, 2008

A Hard Day Made Even Harder!

Harsh words! Heated arguments! External task in the office! And a while ago, retrenchment AGAIN. What could be worse? Yeah, one more, another skype logoff, cp-turn-off, and ym-offline scene! And all because I failed to smile when typing. AAaaarrrgghhhh...SO RIGHT TIMING, and SO MUCH FOR VERY LITTLE CONSIDERATION. Pissed off in the office, and now here at home...Where else would I go to find peace?

Oh, what a hard day this is! The problems in the office, I can still take. But the provoking and the logging off part once I'm so angered already, that I couldn't take anymore. This is too much, way too much...

If he wants to be offline, then okay fine. It's his call, I won't ever bother him again. Anyway, I never did anything right for him, as what he always claims. And perhaps no matter what I do, my best will never be good enough for him. Yeah, I'll never be good enough, so I'd better stop trying.

If you happen to read this, well thanks for making this hard day even harder. I hope you're happy now!


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jHeLea said...

hello girl I don't know exactly what happened because your post is very broad but I can sense you're hurting....hold on girl as you used to....