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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Will Gonna Be A Looong Day!!!

Everybody filed their vacation leaves beginning today until December 27th to have a long Christmas vacation. So for sure, this will gonna be a looong day since I'm stuck here in the office, all by myself here in our cubicle.

It's so sad that I won't be home for the holidays just like the others. But it's okay, since we will be going home anyway in January, when hubby comes back again from South Korea. So, the baby in between and I will just be celebrating Christmas and New Year here, with Daddy on webcam. At least, we're still together even through the Internet.

So, what am I gonna do for the rest of the day? First, I need to check on some projects which have to be completed. From what I can remember, I have here one project that needs to be uploaded in excel. Next, it's time to reorganize my files. And third, update my niche blog.

Oh boy, this will gonna be a looong day indeed! Without Lyn here beside me, and the others to chat in YM every once and a while, I have to keep myself busy just to kill time. Whew!

Anyway, for those who are already on vacation now, enjoy guys! See you all back on January!