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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blog, Blogging, and Blog Advertising

When I started blogging a couple of years back, I never really knew that this activity can open a lot of opportunities for me. I thought blogging will simply serve as a means of expressing my experiences, stories, and daily rants and ramblings. But after years of blogging, I realized that having a blog goes far beyond that. I do not only get to meet new friends in the blogosphere but I also get paid to post.

I know, some bloggers are not open to the idea of monetizing their blogs. But for me, considering the fact that I already have kids to raise, the extra money that I earn from blogging does help a lot. And so, whenever I see an avenue for me to blog about the things I love and get paid to do that, I grab it. Thus, is no exception to that. is a blog advertising network where advertisers can connect to bloggers and hire them to blog about their website, products, and even services. I learned about this from one blog that I read a month ago. I became curious about it and so I signed up. Now, I’ll just have to wait for opportunities from advertisers.

If you are an advertiser, perhaps you’ll ask how you’ll benefit from signing up for Well, blog advertising is one of the most effective internet marketing tools these days. Since blogs are updated frequently, search engines also visit them more often, thus your advertisements will get noticed sooner as compared to putting them on static web pages. Plus, this tool is way more inexpensive than any other forms of advertising; so even with a small budget, you get to spread the word about your website, product, or service through the blogs connected at PayingPost.

So, want to be a part of this new blog advertising network? Visit now and check what’s in store for you!