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Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Preparing for The Baby in Between's Baptism

Huh? Baby Gab is not yet baptized!

I know, most of you will say the same statement. Her scheduled baptism will only happen on the 7th of February, which is rather surprising to those who have known that the baby in between already turned one last November 4th. Supposedly, it was a birthday and baptism celebration in one. But since we lacked the time to change her surname last November, we decided to put it off for January or February.

So, what am I busy preparing for? Well, the usual stuff - invitation, souvenirs, her baptism dress, church venue, reception, food, and a lot more. I haven't also finalized the names of who the godmothers and godfathers will be, since most of my and Ghie's friends won't be around during the celebration.

Oh boy, it's just a week away, but I haven't settled everything yet! Hopefully, when we get home next week, I'll get everything done without so much fuss.