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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Cool New Widget for The Baby in Between

While looking at this blog for a couple of minutes, I realized that it's been so long since I last made changes on its template. I remembered back then when I kept adding widgets on the sidebars just to make it look more appealing to online readers. But since I got a little busy these past months, I didn’t find the time to make some changes, and felt somewhat contented on how this blog looks.

But after knowing about this new widget that I can very much use on this blog and other social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, I told myself why not try it. It’s called The Amy Poehler CozmoTV widget - a really cool widget for a woman blog like this one. I found it so entertaining and informative because it features interviews, dance routines, and other expressive art. And wait until you see those extraordinary girls showing off their talents and skills in the show? I’m sure you’ll be amazed and will find it entertaining and informative too, so here let me share it to you:

The Amy Poehler CozmoTV widget will really make a cool addition to this family blog. My readers will sure be thrilled to find something new here.

But hey, you can always take advantage of this too! Why don’t you get your own widget here and start sharing it to your readers?