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Friday, January 30, 2009

Mommy's and Daddy's Night Out

Ever since Daddy arrived last January 15th, we never got the chance to spend the night out together. It was either his parents were around or the nanny and the baby in between were with us. So, last Tuesday, we talked about allotting one night for us to be alone. And since today is payday for me, I told him a while ago that tonight is the night! Weeee!!! His eyes beamed and his face lit up in an instant. I don't need to ask, I could already sense what he wants. LOLs.

So, what's in store for us tonight? Well, this morning, we were talking about going to the movies first after he fetches me from work. Not bad, since we haven't watched movie together ever since we met. (Yeah, that's true!) Second, we could have a luscious dinner over there at Kenny Roger's. Daddy has been eyeing their roasted chicken for quite some time now. And so, okay I'll grant his wish and have that stomach filled before we head on to our next destination. Hmmm...I wonder where will that be. Think...Think...Think...Maybe this image can help...

Hmmm...What gift? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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watzzy said...

Ukodon ko if saen hehehe. Hmmmmm sa ano? saaaa may... duman sa... Bsta eyu na ito LOL..:)