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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Nintento Wii: Our New Toy

Yesterday, Daddy and I were supposed to buy a DVD player, so we can watch movies at home. But well, as fickle-minded as he was, Daddy changed his mind and chose to get a new toy instead.

At first, he wanted the Sony Playstation 3. Actually, he's been asking me for this since last year. But after he tried the tennis game included in Wii Sports, he again changed his mind and decided to get the Nintendo Wii. Of course, I won't allow him to make that big purchase without trying it myself. So, I tried it, and guess what? In an instant, I fell in love with the Wii.

The Nintendo Wii is one of the hottest gaming consoles in the world today. I've learned about this way back in 2007 but it never really caught my interest until I saw it being featured in Umagang Kay Ganda, a local morning show here in the Philippines. The show featured it as the latest exercising tool today. Without going to the gym or doing extraneous workouts, this Wii allows everyone to exercise at the comfort of their homes. Exactly what Daddy and I needed.

So, without thinking twice, I got the Wii not just for Daddy but also for me. Once we arrived home, Daddy immediately assembled it and I started playing tennis. And oh boy, I was really sweating! It will sure be a big help since my work confines me at my desk for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Daddy will be needing it as well, since his vacation will last until March.

Daddy and I so love our new toy. As early as now, we're having so much fun playing the Wii Sports like boxing and tennis. We plan to get more Wii games and Wii accessories like the Wii Fit to further explore the Wii experience.

(Daddy having fun boxing)

(Go Daddy! Go!)


Enchie said...

Wow enjoy your new toy. My husband and I are also thinking of buying either PS3 or Wii :)

Umma said...

Wow super mahal naman ang new toy nyo Mommy Phoebe but at least if it does help you exercise, why not?

You should get the Wii Fit, its good..

niko said...

wow!!! bongga!! heheh enjoy working out dear mommy beautiful ha.

anyways i have a tag for u.. if u have time haha

take care!! kisses to baby gab! mwah

Tetcha said...

Your new toy sure looks interesting! I wonder how much it's worth. Have a fun time exercising.

punky said...

ano ba yang nilalaro ni husband? haha..

BioTecK said...

LOL! :D Wii is really addictive! :D I love it too!! :D

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

It must really be a lot of fun. I only hear good things about it. It certainly looks like fun. Maybe some day we'll get one too.

jHeLea said...

wow sis another great bonding activity niyo yan ni Papa Ghie....mabuti naman until March vacation niya at least sis mahaba ang panahon na magkasama kayo...I'm really happy for you...

Phoebe said...

@Enchie, Umma, Niko, Tetcha and Jhelea - tnx tnx..yup we're having so much fun playing the Wii..Daddy got new games, and he's so addicted na..ako, I'm thinking about getting the Wii fit, yung pwede ako makapag hula hoop or aerobics kasi super taba Dad kasi, iba mag-alaga..Lols..

amiel said...

wow, wii!!! gusto ko rin magkaroon, kaya lang wala kaming tv, so useless lang sya.. haha!!

regards to you, your husband and the baby in between :)