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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Night to Remember

Last night, Daddy and I had so much fun. Although we weren't able to watch movie as planned, the night went well and I must admit, we went home with big smiles :D on our faces.

First-off, we headed to SM Megamall to have dinner at Kenny Rogers. But before we reached the place, Daddy's attention was caught by really cool remote control cars being played by SM salesmen. He was amazed to see a dancing toy car, and so he tried playing it himself. I thought he'll buy one. But, when I saw how pricey it was, I panicked. The cost of it is tantamount to the budget I allotted for the baby in between's baptism souvenirs. Good thing, Daddy's mind changed and so off we went to Kenny Rogers.

At Kenny's, Daddy ordered a really luscious meal - the Super Solo Chicken and Rib Plate, while I settled on a combo meal of crispy chicken, rice, and iced tea.

While having our dinner, we discussed some things like how we'll go about the improvements that we want for our new house in Cavite, our expenses, Baby Gaby's baptism on Feb. 7th, our Jakarta vacation on March, and our plan to move in before he leaves for South Korea. But of course, the usual jokes and funny stories were also shared so that made our dinner not only luscious but also fun. I also took pictures of us as remembrance of such special night.

(Picture picture Dad! Weeee!)

(Mommy, sigurado ka kaya mong ubusin yan?)

(Dad, awat na pls! ayos na ang buto-buto! Lols)

Buurrpp. Excuse me. Hahaha. LOLs. That was a really superb meal. And you could just imagine how full we were when we left Kenny's. Our next stop: SECRET. Hahaha. We were like boyfriend and girlfriend last night, as if we're new lovebirds taking our relationship to the next level. Hehehe. I don't want to share further about that though. I'm sure you do know how to read between the lines. "wink"

Truly last night was a night to remember...


lyn said...

hmmm... nagsaen daw after mag kenny... ano daw an ginibo! ate gaby.. hehehe!!

jHeLea said...

i am so happy for you sis... really happy!!!!nakakakilig naman hahahahah.....

Jena Isle said...

Alam ko na ang kasunod, siyempre nag sleep, gabi na That's sweet , I pray your relationship will be as sweet as ever. God bless.