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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Close to Movin' In!

Yesterday, I received a good news from the agent of the house and lot sold to us last year. According to her, our loan was already approved by Pag-ibig and the loan take-out was released since Monday. I felt really excited upon reading her message because I've been long waiting to inspect the house that Daddy and I bought. We wanted so much to move in before he heads back to Korea on March, so we must inspect immediately prior to the turnover of the unit.

So, a while ago, Daddy and I went to the developer's office to get the Certificate of Inspection. It was a 2-hour wait, but it was worth it when Daddy already got hold of the Certificate and the forms for Meralco and Maynilad application. He was also told that on Monday 11:00 AM, we must be at the unit to inspect everything that has to be repaired. We're both thrilled and we can hardly wait for Monday to come.

Oh yes, we're so close to movin' in! At last, all the efforts are starting to pay off. I could still remember last year when I was under so much pressure just to find the affordable house and lot that we can buy - plus the preparation of the documents, the submission of requirements, and the budgeting of money so as to accommodate the downpayment. Whew! We're close now! Really close.

Thank you Lord for this really wonderful blessing. At least now, we're starting to see the fruit of our labor. And hopefully, a start of a truly lasting relationship.


kikamz said...

glad to know you are moving houses soon! God bless you in your new neighborhood. hope all will be well with the processing.. you know how slow the papers can get with all the bureaucracy. ingat mommy!

niko said...

congrats dear!!! i wanted to have our house too, hopefully this year.

can u help me what to do first?? am actually planning of going to pag ibig too.. di ko lang talaga ang step 1 haaaay

congrats ha! am happy for you :)

jHeLea said...

wow sis I'm sooooo happy for you....I love reading your posts because I can sense your so happy right now....stay happy sis...

Phoebe said...

@Niko..if pag-ibig member ka na and u have 24 contributions already, you can already use it para ifinance ang house and lot n kukunin mo..but remind ko lng na usually, magdo-downpayment k muna ng halimbawa 10% o 20% ng contract price, then the rest sa pag-ibig n..

yun, 1st step mo, check if you have 24 monthly contributions na..if not, pwede mo siya i-lump sum pra makabuo kn ng 24...