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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Baby in Between's 25$ Wish

At last, I found the time to make this post and congratulate Pinay Jade for her 100th post..(clapping!!!)

Life and Me by Pinay Jade is one of the most interesting blogs that I constantly visit. I always love reading her stories and enjoy looking at the pictures that she shares. And so when she said in one of her posts that she's giving away 25$ and other fab prizes on her 100th post, I got pretty excited.

Now, I'm thinking, what could I make use of $25? Hmmm for now, since the baby in between just turned 7 months old, what she needs most is a baby walker. So, calling Genie Jade...hehehe. :) My baby will sure treasure it, and how I'd love to share to her when she grows up that her baby walker was sponsored by a genie named Jade. (wink)

Anyway, moving on, Pinay Jade's contest is open to all bloggers. "So, calling my blogging friends out there! Have a break and join now." Here's how:

1.) Subscribe to Pinay Jade's site via email subscription. At the upper left corner of her site, just type your email and click subscribe.

2.) Fave her on technorati. How to do it: follow the link to her contest and click the Add This to My Favorites button in the post.

3.) Write a post linking to her main page Life and Me - including info on this contest. And encourage your readers to join too.

4.) Follow all the rules of the contest. After you've done no.1 to 4, leave a comment at the contest link so she knows that you've joined, and please leave a link to the blog you are using too. Give her a hint on what you wish to'll never know maybe Genie Jade is listening and might just grant that wish.

It's so easy to join right? It will just take you five minutes or so, and who knows you might get lucky and win the 25$ and other fab prizes which are sponsored by Jade's blogging friends. Check these out:

* Cash Prize of US $25 - 1 winner courtesy of
* BONUS PRIZE: 10X100 EC Credits to the top 10 best post - 10 winners to be chosen by Me
* Indonesian batik cloth to be sent to any address on regular mail 1winner courtesy of
* one 125x125 ad spot for one month - sponsored by
* 4x500 EC credit points - sponsored by Dance of
* 500 ec+ad spot 125x125 for 2 weeks -sponsored by
* 500 ec+ad spot 125x125 for 2 weeks -sponsored by Lourdes' Mia
* 500 ec+ad spot 125x125 for 2 weeks -sponsored by MOMEMO
* 500 EC credits- sponsored by Barefooted Me
* one 125 x 125 ad spot for one month- sponsored by Buhay sa Korea

Now, when is the deadline? It's on 30th of June, 2008, so you still have time folks. Winners will be announced on the 5th of July 2008 and will be chosen with the help of

Okay, that's it! Keeping my fingers crossed now that Genie Jade will grant that $25 for a baby walker's wish by the baby in between. Good luck to us all!!!