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Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's $7.50 Worth?

Maybe you're wondering why I asked the worth of $7.50. And perhaps you're thinking what this amount has to do with me. I am not reassessing my budget management skills now, it's just that I feel somewhat depressed to know that other people find this amount too little and do not even consider the effort that I put into making money online.

Anyhow, what's really $7.50 worth? Looking at the exchange rate now, a dollar is equivalent to 44.46Php. So, computing the amount, $7.50 is equal to 333.45Php. Now, what can I buy or pay with this amount?

1. $7.50 can already purchase 3kilos of rice, 1 whole chicken, and 1 tray of egg from my colleague

2. $7.50 can be used to pay my water bill and my balance in the tv cable connection

3. $7.50 can be my transportation allowance for 20 days

4. $7.50 can be my cellphone load for a month

5. $7.50 can buy my baby her diapers and vitamins

6. $7.50 for the baby in between's toys

7. $7.50 for 3 days budget on food

8. $7.50 to be used for buying new things at home like additional monoblock chair

9. $7.50 for a new set of baby clothes for Baby Gaby

and last but definitely not the least

10. $7.50 to be added to my Paypal account for Papa Ghie's Playstation 3

Now, is $7.50 worthless or too little to simply disregard? Why not try to look at the bigger picture to see that $7.50 is worth something, an important thing. It's actually a significant achievement of a mom and wife who, in spite of her full time job, is trying to blog on the side and make money online just to give her family not only their needs but also their wants.

I'm really depressed, feeling somewhat unappreciated for the effort I put in earning even the smallest cent that I could just to complete the fund that I need to buy that PS3. I know, this post seems not to make sense. Sorry, but this is the only way I know to make me feel relieved of the depression I'm feeling now.