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Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Picture Can Truly Say A Thousand Words

Yesterday, I saw an edited photo of my officemate and his wife. And when I asked him who did the editing, he said it was Ate Raziel. So, Ate Razh said that if I want one of my photos edited, I might as well send it to her.

I did send one. It was a photo of me and Papa Ghie during our first night together when he came home last February 2007. Here it is:

After Ate Razh edited it, here's how it looked:

Isn't it cute? Really it's true that the love that binds us together, grows stronger everyday. Even with Papa Ghie in Korea and me here in the Philippines, our love will continue to grow and withstand many difficult tests. For the baby in between, we'll conquer every problem that goes along our long distance relationship.

Thanks Ate Raziel! Ghie said the edited picture is awesome and he asked me to have it printed and framed so I can display it in our bedroom. Thanks once again. Here check out Ate Raziel's edited photos.