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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SocialSpark is LIVE!!!

Blogging has always been a worthwhile activity for me. Before, I thought, I’d just be inclined to it because it allows me to express many of my thoughts and feelings to my readers. But then later on, I found out that there’s a lot more in blogging. All you need to do is to take advantage of the many blogging opportunities that the Internet has to offer such as this new social networking site called SocialSpark.

Recently, I joined SocialSpark for two main purposes: one is to take advantage of the opportunities that they offer and two is to meet other bloggers in the blogosphere. I’ve been trying to earn a little through blogging and meet a couple of online friends by blog hopping. So when I’ve learned about SocialSpark I really got excited. And now that it is live, I immediately created a profile. Check it out here.

Now, what’s the difference of SocialSpark to other social network sites and blogging opportunities out there? Okay, here’s the most obvious reason: it allows bloggers to interact with other bloggers online. Unlike in other sites, SocialSpark enables me to see other blogger profiles and get to add them in my friends list. I can even give any blogger a prop just like what I did to Joy. Joy is a mommy blogger like me. Now, why did I prop her? It’s simply because I admire mommies who blog for a living and enjoy sharing family stories.

I really love this new offering from IZEA. So far I’m enjoying SocialSpark, thus, I’m sharing it to you now my fellow bloggers.

*This is a sponsored post.*