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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Back

Hey, I'm back from a not-so-relaxing getaway. I went to hubby's hometown over the weekend to celebrate with his family the Fiesta Celebration of St. John the Baptist. Plus, I was also chosen as one of the godmothers of my nephew John-John during his christening yesterday. The two celebrations in one really left me too exhausted to the extend that I fell slept early, missing the dance for husbands and wives last night, or what they call as "misis-misis". Some of my cousins-in-law even tried to wake me up so I can enjoy on the last night of my stay, but then my snoring made them decide to just let me continue with my sleep.

For the second time around, I spent a great weekend over there at my hubby's place. But it would have been better if my friends Dex, Talie, Lyn, Olops, Chayee, Ryan, and Peach were able to spend overnight to enjoy the beautiful sunset at the pier and at least go swimming in the morning before they leave the place. Anyway, there will always be a next time, and perhaps that could happen when Papa Ghie comes home in January.

Oh how I wish I won't leave home and won't leave this soon. I'm sure, I'm going to miss my friends. And I'm going to miss spending great weekends at my hubby's place. But then again, this was my choice, so I have to deal with it.