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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Baby in Between Got Really Scared

While Daddy and I were talking over voice call in Skype, he sent me a URL, which according to him was an interesting video to watch. It was a scary ghost video of some sort. I had my own shares of watching scary clips from the Internet, so I already had an idea what it was about. And I was right, it was just like one of the scary videos sent to me via email.

After playing it, I decided to show it to Ate Rose, the nanny. Baby Gaby was right beside her while watching. It never occurred to me that the video will be too scary for her. After the "ghost" popped right on the screen, Baby Gaby was shouting and crying like crazy. She was so scared. And I couldn't help but blame myself for allowing her to see it.

The nanny screamed as well, but not as loud as Baby Gab's. I panicked and immediately carried Baby Gab and hugged her so tight. Daddy scolded me for letting her see it, but I blamed in return for sending that video. After a while, Baby Gab was back on her old self, and so Daddy and I couldn't help but just laugh at ourselves for being so silly.

The lesson: We will not let her watch any scary video again. Got it, Dad?