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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daddy Learned a Lesson - The Hard Way

Last 2007, Daddy entrusted his money to someone whom he thought can be relied upon. Since he and I were having a really big conflict then, there was no one to advise him that what he was about to do would just set him for a big trap. He was led to believe that his money will be in good hands, and that he will earn from engaging on that "business" proposed to him. He was clueless; and that someone perhaps was secretly laughing her ass off for convincing Daddy to entrust his money to her.

Now, two years after, since that someone cannot return to Daddy anymore the total amount he entrusted, she started hiding from him. And whenever he tries to ask her about where the remaining amount is, plus the profit from the previous ones remitted, she will always say that she has nothing to give him. I, myself, don't want to believe what she said really. Because how come she has a business of her own now? Would you agree with me if I say that perhaps she already used Daddy's money to invest on her own? And worse, when we confronted her about that business, she just threw back at us lots of nonsense issues, as in not related at all to what the real issue was - and that was the money entrusted to her.

Daddy really learned a hard lesson from this whole thing. Although it seems impossible now that we can still get the remaining amount, we're not giving up on that "ruthless" person who took advantage of him. She will pay. She has to pay. If not in the form of money, it will be in another way - and that I call is BAD KARMA.

"To say there is no bad karma is the same as saying that when you drive over a cliff that only good things will happen."


brown pinay said...

Nakakainis when u trusted someone with all your heart and in return sinira yun.....i emphatized with u sis