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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Securing Our Home - ASAP!

Just days ago, I made a post here about my plan of installing a wireless security system to secure our home. And since it's now in my to-do priority list, I'm thinking about doing it ASAP than the rest of my home improvement plans. It's because the nanny told me a while ago about a thief roaming in our neighborhood. It's scary, just thinking that it's just the nanny, the two kids, and me here.

In the meantime, I instructed the nanny to put something heavy beside the front and back doors so that when someone tries to open them, we will be awaken by the sound of that heavy thing being moved. I also keep a hard steel bar beside the mattress that we're sleeping on; in case someone breaks in our home, it will just be within my reach.

But in spite of those two current home security measures that we observe now, I still don't feel 100% safe. I need something more reliable like the home security systems packages from Protect America. The Copper Package, for instance, includes all the necessary products that I need to secure our home. These are the motion detector, talking control panel, internal siren, door chime, yard sign, and window decals. Where else can I find a package as complete as that? Plus, it comes in a very affordable price so it won't be too hard on anyone's budget.

Securing our home ASAP is really my top priority now. Hey, if you're thinking the same, better check out Protect America. Be sure to call 877-470-2751 to get 2 keychain remotes when you order.



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