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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Slight Money Problems"

I'm having "slight money problems" lately, but I don't want to discuss them with Daddy because I know he'd just feel pressured. I don't know how I had gotten into this situation; all I know is that these are starting to get into my nerves. Although I'm trying to start spending really wisely, I'm still so bothered by these to the extent that sometimes I find myself in situations where I could endanger myself and the baby inside me.

I keep telling myself that I will overcome all these "slight money problems" in time. But the more I convince myself, the more I find it impossible to relax and be worry-free because the interests and late fees continue to pile up. Daddy somewhat knows about these, but I don't want to discuss these with him further because he couldn't do anything anyway. With the exchange rate of 1,000,000 Korean Won to Philippine Pesos falling, how can he?

So sad to think that in times like these, I could rely on no one except myself. Now, I'm thinking about getting freelance jobs again, in spite of my already tight schedule with work and home, not to mention the long distance that I travel a day just to be at work. I know it would be too much for me already, since I'm also 19 weeks pregnant. But what can a poor wife and mommy can do? I can't let these "slight money problems" overwhelm me; I need to do something. And if that something means working beyond working hours, I'll do it. May God have mercy on me and my baby.


jHeLea said...

kung ano man pinagdadaanan mo ngayon sis, i know kaya mong've been though a lot at nalagpasan strong sis....don't let it affects you and the baby...

Phoebe said...

thanks sis sa comment..yup, sna malagpasan ko to agad kasi masakit n tlga sa ulo...i realize now, mahirap pala n bow lang ako ng bow s expenses n gustong gawin ng asawa ko pag andito..kaya, next time n umuwi sia, I'll make sure n kung ano lang dala niya, hanggang dun lang expenses.