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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Securing Our Home

Ever since we moved in to our new home, Daddy keeps reminding the nanny and me about securing the doors and the windows before we go to bed or when we go out to buy something at the grocery or simply stroll around the neighborhood. I admit, sometimes I get annoyed of his constant reminder, but I very well understand his side since he is far away from us and cannot protect us in case something happens. If only I could get a wireless security system right at this minute, I would do so just to secure our home. That way, it won't only be me and the nanny who will feel secured but also Daddy.

I remembered when I was in high school, when I was still living with my father, a man broke into our house. It was around 3am when I suddenly woke up and saw a shadow of a man at my room door. My dad was sleeping just outside my room, so I got out of the bed and asked, “Who’s that?” No reply from the man, and the moment I came near the door, I saw a man wearing no tops, only shorts, with no slippers or shoes. After he saw me, he ran as fast as he could, through our back door. I woke my dad and told him that there was a man inside the house but I wasn’t able to recognize his face. When we tried to search for him, we couldn’t find him anymore. From then on, I felt more scared than ever, thinking that what if that man comes back. Good thing, he never did and our house was never broken into since then.

Situations just like the one I experienced could really be terrifying. I don’t want to experience that again, so it’s really a must that I install a wireless security system, just like the one from Protect America - the leading home security solution provider. I've been looking at their packages and really I'm amazed at how great their deals are. Even with the Copper Package, our home will already be secured with those chime, motion detector, and internal siren installed.

Having a wireless security system installed in our home should really be on top of my priority to-do-list now. If you are also thinking the same, why not contact Protect America? Call 877-470-2751 now and get 2 keychain remotes for every order!



niko said...

aw phoebs! ur getting lots of oppss from SS ha! congrats dear..

elusive minsan saken ang ss hehehe