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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A New Baby

Lately, I’ve been thinking about having a new baby, but not the baby that you have in mind now, since I already have one on the way. It’s a new blog – perhaps a more serious blog with OFWs, would-be OFWs, and OFW families as my target readers. My husband is an OFW, so that inspires me to start making a blog with OFWs in mind.

However, since it’s a more serious blog that I’m thinking, I must secure a domain name and webhosting for it to make it look more credible. I already have a domain name in mind, but as for webhosting, I’m still looking at several webhosting reviews to be sure that I get the best webhosting service available.

Good thing, there are sites such as Web Hosting Geeks to help me in choosing the best webhosting option for my new baby. I’m looking at the independent reviews of the Top 10 web hosting providers as of now, and really I find them so helpful for bloggers like me. Each web host is ranked according to their features and bonus features, so I have a clue now as to which provider will serve me the most. Plus, they have this really cool web hosting blog which I also find very useful.

Many thanks to you Web Hosting Geeks! Now, I’m more than ready to have my new baby.


Harry Seenthings said... ur is mommy, i hope that child is to be a smart chils in a world