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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Tribute to Nurses

I'm not a nurse. And it never occurred to me that I’ll become one ever since I was a child. But after seeing my friends and acquaintances, who are nurses, happy and successful in their chosen field, I couldn't help but question myself, how come I didn't choose nursing as my career? I could have been wearing scrubs right now instead of my typical office attire.

But even if I’m not a nurse, I do understand the many challenges and disappointments that nurses go through. I’ve seen how hardworking and committed they are, just like the ones who assisted me during my previous deliveries. And so, they deserve to be recognized – not only for their commitment to their career but also for their courage and compassion. This is where Scrubs comes in – the nurse’s guide to good living.

You might think that since nurses guide, assist, and take care of patients, they already know everything in life. No, they don’t. Just like us, they also stumble upon life’s difficulties and disappointments and so, they need a really good resource for them to be more inspired and dedicated. And Scrubs aims to do just that – and more. Scrubs include articles which aim to inspire and uplift the spirits not only of nurses around the globe but also of those who are not, that includes me. There's even one article on this site that particularly caught my attention and really moved me after reading it. It's entitled Gratitude Walk. I've been so occupied with work, home, family, and financial concerns lately to the extend that I neglect spending time with myself and do at least a gratitude walk. That article was an eye-opener for me, so I made a promise to myself that I'll always find a "me" time by simply walking.

Scrubs is really not the ordinary clinical site that we can find on net these days. It's way beyond the technical stuff. Even if I'm not a nurse, I'm glad that there's a site such as this. More power to you Scrubs and kudos to all the nurses around the world!