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Friday, July 11, 2008

Out to Slow Connection

While waiting for one page to open, I couldn't help but remember the Internet connection that I used back home. Here in the dormitory that I've been staying for days now, Internet connection is soooo slow, that's why I hardly update my other blogs. It's not dial-up but whenever I go blog hopping, the pages take so slow to load, thus I feel as if I'm back in my dial-up days. Aarrgghh!!!

I know, some of you out there are experiencing the same thing. Okay, now here's a good news: Charter now offers high speed internet upto 5Mbps for only $14.99/month! That's right! 5Mbps for only $14.99/month! So, if you're paying too much for a not-so-fast internet service before, now with Charter internet, you'll sure get your money's worth and more. Why not try it? This comes with a 30-day risk free trial, so you get to experience high fast internet in no time. And here's another good news, if you order online, you'll get a $25 Shell gift card. I'm sure you're complaining about the increasing prices of gasoline these days. So, a $25 Shell gift card would really be nice, right?

But hey, the benefits of Charter Internet are not limited to what I've just mentioned. Check out their site now to learn more!

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