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Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Party Games for our Christmas Family Reunion

One month more to go and we're off to our hometown for another Christmas family reunion. Every year, I look forward to this special day because it's the time when I get to spend the whole day with the family, with gift giving and of course, exciting games. Last year, it was my cousin, Kuya Arnie who thought about what games to play during the event. But this year, it's my turn.

As early as now, I'm thinking about the Christmas party games that I'll let the whole family play on our reunion. Hmmm... What I have in mind is something that will get the whole family involved, and not just the kids. I've researched one a while ago and I guess that will make a perfect game. It's called Christmas Guess Who, or better known as Charades. This game is very simple, and I'm sure the family will love playing it.

So there. One down, a lot more to go. Anyway, I still have a month to search for more exciting games. For now, let me look at some Christmas gift ideas because I have a long list to fill.