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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Love the Feeling

Of what? Of knowing that someone is waiting for me outside the office after office hours. It feels as if I'm back in my high school and college days when a suitor or a boyfriend waits for me at the end of my last subject and then we go strolling at the mall or simply eat out before we go home. Only this time, it's my husband who's waiting for me and not just a mere suitor or boyfriend.

Papa Ghie has been here with us for 13 days now. And during these days, I could really feel that indeed our relationship is far beyond the Internet. He makes up for those times when we are not together. He sees to it that we get to spend most of his vacation days together, instead of him just going out with friends and relatives. Wherever he goes, he wants me to be with him.

But beyond companionship, he wants me to feel that I have not just a friend and husband in him, but also a partner. He cooks for me, massages my feet, goes to the market for me, babysits our little girl, and last but definitely not the least, he fetches me at the office. Yes, I so love the feeling - the feeling of being loved and cared for, of being pampered, and of being treated not just a mere virtual wife.

Oh how I wish this feeling would last! But I know, for sure, this won't, or perhaps would but again back on the Internet days. It'll be 7 days more before his vacation ends. So short, yet so memorable.

Now, we'll just have to make the most out of these 7 days, together, as husband and wife, with our cute 1-year-older baby in between.


jHeLea said...

I'm so happy for you sis....I know how you feel kasi si Jet when he is home he would fetch me everyday from work and I feel valued...kasi ang bakasyon niya nakasentro talaga sa akin...then pag Sabado at alam niyang stress ako he would bring me to the beach lahat ng foods siya nag peprepare....and on Sundays we go to church together..di ba haba ng hair natin???hehehe....stay happy....