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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sterling Silver Jewellery for Me

Two weeks ago, Papa Ghie bought a gold necklace as gift for the baby in between's 1st birthday. It was a little expensive, but the price was nothing compared to the beauty that she exuded while wearing it during her 1st birthday party. A lot were even telling her that she looked gorgeous not just on her fairy princess gown but also on that piece of jewellery she wore.

So, how about Mommy? Well, Papa Ghie gave me a new ring. It was actually a pair, one for him and one for me, with our names engraved inside. I loved it. We both did. He was actually thinking of buying me another piece, a gold bracelet at that. But I told him, I'd rather have a Sterling Silver Jewellery.

For those who didn’t know yet, I was so into silver jewelleries before. I used silver earrings, silver rings, bracelets, bangles, and necklace. But after I lost one, followed by another, and another, I then decided to switch to gold jewelleries.

I got fascinated by gold jewelerries for a while. Now, I’m actually thinking of going back to silver, especially when I came across this site which offers a great selection of Sterling Silver Bracelets and Silver Bangles. They all look so beautiful, and I’m pretty sure that they will look good on me. They are made only from finest quality materials, and are even stamped with“Sterling” or “925” mark, so I’m confident that the jewelleries they sell indicate only silver purity.

After browsing the site, which wasn’t that hard for me to do since it’s very user-friendly, I told Papa Ghie that I want if not two at least one of those as his gift for me for the holidays. He said ok, and so he looked at the Sterling silver bracelets category. The offerings were all so lovely. He couldn’t decide which one to get for me, so he asked me which one I liked. I particularly loved the Crystal and Star Bracelet. It was simple, yet elegant-looking.

Now, I’m on the waiting part, since Papa Ghie will do the online ordering for me. And oh by the way, yes, they do offer free International delivery through second class airmail post. So, if you’re not from UK like me, you can still get one of their lovely Sterling Silver Jewelleries.