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Monday, November 24, 2008

I Miss You, Dad!

While waiting for Papa Ghie, whom I call now as Dad or Daddy, to come online, I decided to upload the pictures that we took during his 20-day vacation here in the Philippines. There were lots of them, and while looking at them one by one, I couldn't help but say, "I miss you, Dad!"

It's just 3 days since he left, but it felt as if he's gone for months already. I really miss him terribly. Although I see him and talk to him in voice chat everyday, still it's so different when he's not here at home. Aaarrgghh.. This is what I really hate with long distance relationship. It's as if when we are together, there's this timer. And once his vacation is over, the timer alarms as well.

I really long for that moment when we will be finally be together for good. As in, no more leaving for South Korea. No more sending off to the airport. And no more voice chats.

I know, life here in the Philippines is difficult, that's why we have to sacrifice for now. But as soon as we reach our goals of having our own house, car, and a small business, I wouldn't let him leave the country and work as an OFW ever again.

"Oh, I miss you, Dad! Come home to me and the baby in between soon." :(


jHeLea said...

Papa Ghie went back to Korea na pala sis...time flies so fast parang kailan lang when he was home with you and baby Gab....haaaay !!!!!

Phoebe said...

hay naku sis, sinabi mo pa..kaya when jet's here na, make sure to make the most out of your time together...u''ll barely notice kasi n vacation is over na..haaayy!!!