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Saturday, November 8, 2008

On Saving Money

I haven't learned the importance of saving money until I've had a family of my own. When I was still dependent on my dad, I just spent money here and there, buying things which later on I realized that they were more of wants than needs. But now that I have my kids and my husband, I already started saving, and even opened a bank account. I also invested some for our baby's future, so we won't be tempted to spend it once we get short of cash.

But aside from having a bank account and investing, there is another effective way for me to save money - and that is by cutting spending. Yes, it's very effective. You see, I go to the grocery twice a month for our foods and other necessities. And to make sure that I don't end up buying those which are unnecessary, I make a list ahead and stick to it once I started shopping. I'd admit, sometimes I get tempted to place inside the cart some things which are not on the list. And once when I was with hubby, he was telling me to include this and that but I explained that those are not really important. He understood and just let me buy those on the list.

Saving money and cutting on spending would seem difficult for those who don't have a goal. But for me who thinks more of the future of the family, all the more that I need to stick to my goal. And so I'm glad that Zenni Optical is one with me in achieving this because they offer only stylish prescription eyeglasses for as low as $8. They are really a big help not only to me but also to a lot of people who are in need of quality eyeglasses at cheaper prices.