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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Time for a Flat Belly Diet!

When my husband was here for a 20-day vacation, he made sure that I eat a lot and that I won't skip any meal. So sweet of him really because sometimes he would even do the cooking. And yeah, I loved the recipes he cooked, especially that "nilagang baka".

But you know what, in just that 20-day stay, I gained almost 6lbs. Should I say thanks to Papa Ghie's cooking and pampering? Hmmm, I guess not! Because now that we're back on webcam, he keeps joking that I look like a cow, with this double chin and really bulging belly. Aarrgghh...I so hate him when he jokes like that!

Now, with him back in South Korea, I promise myself that I will go for a Flat Belly Diet. He'll be coming back on January, and I'm sure he'll be surprised when he sees me losing that belly fat.


So, what's a flat belly diet? Based on what I've searched in the net, it's a type of diet which is focused on a new research about targeting belly fat by eating healthy fats or the so-called MUFAs or Monounsaturated Fatty Acids at every meal. There I've learned that belly fat is said to be the most dangerous fat due to its high correlation with heart disease. Really thanks to the editor of Prevention Magazine for sharing this vital information.

But hey, it's not just important health information that I got from Prevention Magazine's editor, but also an invitation to try their flat belly diet for free. That's right, it's for free! All I have to do is to view the basics slideshow in their site, which I already did, and then fill-up the application form.

I can't wait to try this flat belly diet! Losing up to 15 lbs in just 32 days is certainly what I need, just in time for hubby's arrival on January.