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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Significant Credit Report Info to Share

Three days ago, Papa Ghie and I went to the office of the car dealer, where we will avail our very first car loan. I have filed for this loan weeks back, but since I haven’t heard from them for about two weeks, I thought I was already rejected. But after they gave me a call last week, I then told my husband that perhaps my Credit Report was good, and so my application was approved.

Papa Ghie was wondering what credit report was and so I explained it to him briefly. A credit report lists down my history of credit accounts and payment activities over the years. If I pay my credit bills on time and if I don’t go beyond my credit limit, I’ll get a good credit report. And a good credit report spells creditworthiness, which is inclined towards gaining credit through mortgages and loans. So that basically explained why I got approved. Then he asked, “Is there any way that you can get a free credit report, so when you again file for another loan, you will know whether you are eligible or not?” I immediately answered him a yes.

In my car loan application, it wasn’t me who checked first my credit report, it was the car dealer. But for those who wanted to access their credit reports, they can always visit This is a site which is linked to free online credit reports by the major credit bureaus. Through this, you will be able to look through the several credit reporting agencies and order a report online. Plus, this site also provides professional advice for those who want to know how to build their credit scores, manage their credit and debt, and what choices of suitable cards are available.

So, if you want to know your credit report, simply visit As for me, that could wait until I file my next loan application. For now, I’ll enjoy the thought that Papa Ghie and I will be having our new baby, the Toyota Hi-Ace Regius that is, soon.