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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Baby in Between Signed Up for PPP

When I opened this family blog 4 months ago, I never really thought about monetizing it. I just wanted it to become our own place in the web, where I can share the stories of a mom, a dad, and a baby in between. A lot has happened to baby's dad and me before she was born, and we almost end up as a broken family. But then, God is good. So when he decided to come back to us early this year, I thought of opening this family blog to serve as an inspiration to those who already have families and to others who are thinking of having their families soon.

Now, why did I sign up and how did I learn about PPP? Okay, let me share it to you. Since last year, I promised Papa Ghie that Baby Gaby and I will give him a nice present when he comes home on January 2009. When I asked him if what it is that he likes to have, he said he wants a Playstation 3. I was quite shocked though when I learned that it was a little expensive, around 20,000php. But since I gave my word, I intend to keep it even if it means working extra hours to save the amount that I need. So when I learned from my colleague Ate Raziel that I can earn from blogging, I decided to sign up for PPP. Now, here I am, trying to get paid to blog.

PPP or PayPerPost is a great blogging opportunity for newbie bloggers like me. By simply giving my feedback or opinion about various products, services, websites, and companies, now I can do two things at the same time: to blog and to get paid to blog. Talking about hitting two birds with one stone, right? So, what else would I look for in signing up for this site? Isn’t this a great move?