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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Okay, I'm back. But just the same, I'm still pissed than ever with Bayantel. So, let me share to you now the story why I ended up online in an Internet cafe last night.

The main reason: I didn't have Internet connection at home anymore. Why? Because this Bayantel customer service representative or I don't know what she's really called already posted a job order of some sort to transfer my supposedly connection to the place where I'll be transferring on Sunday. (Take note, I'll be transferring Sunday, June 1.) In short, I'm still at my old place while my connection is already at my new place. As in HALLER!!!

If you will recall, I made a post here several days back that I'll be transferring to a new house on June 1st. So, when I say transfer, I need to transfer all my previous lines as well like my DSL Internet connection and my TripinVision cable connection. I have no problem with the cable because all I need to do is to pay for the extra wire that they'll be using. But with the Internet, well, that really took me a while to decide whether to continue my Bayantel DSL subscription or not since I had a nerve-wracking experience with them which I shared to you in my post here entitled "What's Wrong With You Bayantel DSL?"

Moving on, after considering my new options like Smart BRO, Digitel DSL, and DCTV cable and Internet, I ended up sticking to my previous Internet service provider - Bayantel DSL. Why? Because of its speed which reaches up to 1000kbps (mind you, the 1280kbps is only a blah-blah) during offpeak hours. But after what happened last night, I regret as in to the highest level why I ever decided to continue subscribing with Bayantel.

Now, what really happened? Okay, it's like this. Last Wednesday, I went to Bayantel Office at the 3rd floor of Pacific Mall. I told this girl or CSR whatever named Judy that I want to transfer my connection to another location. She gave me this form and I immediately filled it up with the information that they need: Name, Previous Location, New Location, Sketch of New Location, and note DATE OF TRANSFER. When I gave her the form, I asked her if how many days it will take for the transfer. She said 3-5 days. I was relieved because paying 1,999php as transfer fee should be well-compensated with a fast service. (Note: Other Internet service providers do not charge this high for transfer alone..So if you're just renting your place, I greatly advise not to choose Bayantel DSL.)

Wednesday night, everything was still okay. I recalled chatting with Papa Ghie without disruptions and even watched the movie The Forbidden Kingdom from Megavideo without any buffer. Then came Thursday night, I tried to login at Yahoo Messenger and Skype but with no luck. Smiley just kept on smiling and the two arrows on skype just kept going on circles. As in like a DEJAVU, huh! Disappointed and all, I had no choice but to turn off my laptop after hours of trying and pigged out on foods instead. At around 10pm, Papa Ghie called and asked where I was. I said I was home but as usual I could not connect to the Internet. He was so disappointed and blamed me for choosing to continue my subscription instead of going for another Internet service provider.

In the morning, when I arrived at the office, I heard Mayan, one of my colleauges, asked our officemate Twinx if she had Internet connection the previous night. Twinx said no and Mayan shared that she had no connection as well. So, I butt in and said that I had no connection as well. By the way, Mayan is using DCTV Internet and Twinx is Smart Bro. We all came into a conclusion then, that probably there were really something wrong with all the Internet service providers at the same time. Wow! Could this really be true?

After lunch, I asked Twinx if she had a connection at home already. She said yes. And when I asked Mayan, she gave me the same answer. So, I was expecting that I also have a connection at home already. I texted Baby Gaby's babysitter and asked her if she could connect already. But her answer, a BIG FAT NO!!! As in darn, I kept on thinking what's wrong with Bayantel DSL again.

So, when I went home at around 6pm, I tried to login to YM because I was so excited to show Papa Ghie the crib that I bought for the baby in between. And guess what, I could not connect. Too pissed off, I dialled the number of Bayantel and when a CSR answered, I asked her if there was something wrong with their server. She said no and was about to explain to me more details when I cut her and told her to give me a call instead since I was using my mobile phone. (Haller, as in should the customer be the one spending money on call just to complain about their service? Their 181 number totally sucks, so no choice but to contact the mobile number, but I told the CSR to call me back instead.)

Here's our conversation:

Bayantel CSR: Hello Mam.
Phoebe: Yes.
Bayantel CSR: Mam, the reason why you don't have connection is because you requested for a transfer of location, right?
Phoebe: Yes, I did. But I indicated in the form that the date of transfer will be on June 1.
Bayantel CSR: Oh, I see. But according to the report forwarded to us Mam, it said ASAP.
Phoebe: No, I didn't say that. I even indicated that I'll be transferring on June 1st.
Bayantel CSR: Ok Mam, but you see our process is that when a transfer is requested, your previous connection is cut and transferred to the new location. So that means, that your new connection is ready now at your place.
Phoebe: (Disappointed) So you mean, I'm still here but my connection is already there?
Bayantel CSR: Yes Mam.
Phoebe: But my modem is still here with me and I don't recall any technician coming over here to change the lines and all.
Bayantel CSR: I see. Mam the process is that before the technician comes to the new location, the new line should be ready, that's why your connection there at your old location has been cut already.
Phoebe: Then, why didn't you inform me that this is the process? For two nights now, I don't have Internet, I have work to do, and my husband is waiting for me to go online. (Too angry already - voice rising). Now, what are you going to do about this? It will be a day more before I transfer and I'm stuck here without a connection.
Bayantel CSR: I'm sorry Mam but we cannot do anything as of the moment. The least that I can do is to make a report about your case.
Phoebe: (Interrupting) Yes, yes! Do that! And indicate there that the customer was so angry because she was not informed by the CSR of Bayantel - Legazpi about the whole process.

After that conversation, I immediately grabbed my wallet and stormed out of the house. My destination: Bayantel Office at the Pacific Mall. When I arrived at the mall, I saw Chic, one of my close friends at the office, and approached him. He asked why I looked so angry and where I'm heading. I told him about my problem with Bayantel and that I'm going to the 3rd floor to complain. He told me to keep my cool and to relax.

But how could I? I was already too frustrated with the whole thing. And when I arrived there, there she was, the girl who assisted me in filing for the transfer. I told her about my complain and all she could tell me was "THAT'S HOW THE PROCESS IS, MAM." Then I said, "But I indicated there that my date of transfer will be on June 1. Why didn't you tell me that upon filing, my connection will be cut. I looked like a fool for two days now waiting for a connection, yet all this time it was already cut." The girl could say nothing, not even a SORRY to pacify an erring customer. All she insisted was she thought I wanted to transfer it ASAP. And then she asked me if I want the connection back, yet when I transfer already I'll wait for a couple of days again before I get back online. I said, "No, what I want you to do now is to let a technician come to my place tomorrow so I can guide him to the new house and install everything. You already gave me so much inconvenience and to think that I'm paying 1,999php just to transfer it (which looked as if I subscribed for a whole new connection). Now, what's your name and what's the number here? If no one comes to my place tomorrow, you sure gonna hear from me." And I stormed out of the office without a smile on my face.

So, that's the whole story why last night I was in an Internet cafe. Papa Ghie even said that Bayantel should be the one to pay for my internet fee there at the cafe. See, talking about so much INCONVENIENCE and OH-SO-BAD-CUSTOMER SERVICE! And what could be worse than not to hear even a "SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE, MAM"...Grrrr. I pay my bill on time yet this is what I got!!!



Paula said...

Wow, that really sucks! The least they can do is reimburse you for the number of days you did not have internet.

Phoebe said...

hi paula. yes that's what I told that Judy girl as well.

update: got a call from a Bayantel technician an hour ago, and he said he'll gonna install my modem this pm...well, he should or else...

Peterpanty said...

I tried to get a connection 1 year ago, contacted Bayantel and 3 ! girls came to collect 1000p and fill up the forms but they are unable to tell if a connection is even possible at my place!. to find that out I had to fill up the form and pay first.

later on the 3 girls informed me that it is not possible because they have to pull a cable withing the condo and the magement of the condo refuse that.

I contacted the management and never any of the 3 girls contacted them and they had no problem if they install a cable.

I informed the 3 monkeys, because at this point I dont think they are humans, and waved with a bananna telling then that the management give permission.

Next day the 3 monkeys came up with an other excuse, sorry can't be installed because your location is not ready... and refund the 1000p. They wasted few days of my time and are totally incompetend. I dont know in which "home of the loosers" they found those.

Now, after 1 year I tried it again. This time I went to there office and again the agent was unable to say if a connection can be installed at my location, first need to fill out the form. So I did.

Next day the agent called and informed me that I have to pay 1000p and gave me my accoun number.

I asked what day and time they come and install and she said to pay first then give her a message, so I quickly went to there office and paid 1000p, then informed her.

She promised they install it tomorrow, I asked if she is sure because I have to take a day off from work and she repeat yes it is sure.

So I waited and waited and waited.. nothing. nobody came, no text, no call... so at 6 PM I text her and asked what happend... no answer. i text again at 7 PM, so answer.

Bayantel has the most imcompetent agents I ever experienced. worst of the worst. They should go back to where they came from, but I think they came from tanga-island. How a company like that can make so terrible agent choices is out of my understanding... specially with so many complains over such a long time.. for years.

Its as if they are all relatives from the people in the employment office.

They are literally thousands of very good and smart people out there .. jobless !. Getting those they have now is an insult to the job market which is full of skilled smart workers. Who ever select them is dumb as a bone. Sad so sad

Anonymous said...

well i agree that the company BAyantel is so sucks. even a dipshit management. and a fool technician only wanting to have a bribe after touching those lines of them. but nothings happen at all. even those poor quality of costumer service who always conclude and dont even analyzing a costumer's problem. they dont have a :"ommon brain" stupid dumb ass. in my case from the very begining we upgraded to DSL connection from bayantel ( dial-up before under bayantel)i never been fully satisfied with their service why? because every a couple a days i guess i am on the phone talking to those idiot costumer service representative who are trying to reset my connection and after making some reports and here they go those fucking technician. crawling at home stating that everything is ok.. but as they go after 5to 10 hours here again this fucking dipshit services starting to make me grrrrrrr.. and here i am again on the phone im such a little brat moron dialing on the keypad with this number 4112000 and making conversation with those bullshit costumer service rep. who again making a report and as usual those dumbass tech support. is now coming.. their they are again.. until now nothing happen good to our connection. i almost destroyed my landline phone already but still nothings happen.

we wanna shift to PLdt. how unlucky we are no available connections for pldt are present in my area. so no choice. yeah i do agree that they have a highly qualified speed of connection. so whats the use if you just get disconnected when you are up to something. like me im playing online game. as my connection get failed what will gonna happen to my character he will die. so dying for no reason but just because of their poor serivices. you suck..

Maria Rosario said...


I just read your blog re: Bayantel Customer Service. But there's something that I need to warn you about said company as well.

Ever since Saturday, we don't have a Bayantel phone connection. I tried SMSing them but their texting facilities were out of order, so my father had to call outside our condo compound.

Finally, a repairman came yesterday, and he informed us that

1) it's our phone unit that's busted
2) our warranty has lapsed
3) because of new company policy, they will not replace the defective unit

I cannot believe the bullshit I had to go through. That bastard of a repairman even had the nerve to tell Customer Service that "minumura" ko daw siya. I'm mad. I have every right to fume and froth at the mouth.

Anyway, I suggest you check the warranty of your phone. Since their new policy doesn't allow you to renew the warranty, you will likely have to buy a new phone in case your phone gets busted.

Anonymous said...

hello! naku... i have a very bad experience too with the customer service of bayantel. i got my wireless phone last novemeber and after 2months, i didn't receive any billing statements. later on, i found out that my account has 2 phone lines! the sales agent made some fishy sales in able for her to get the P500 discount. moving forward, i called the customer service to fix my problem. more than 2months na pero nakapending pa rin ang problem ko. ang nakaka-sama pa ng loob. u have to go through all the head aches para lang maayos ang problem. i'm not a whiner, pero this type of service really SUCKS!!! watchful din kayo sa mga sales agent nila. sa kagustuhang makabenta... gumagawa sila ng monkey business... especially yung naging sales agent ko... her name is MALOU OR ALU from bayantel. they said her husband works on the customer service kaya anything na kapalpakan nya, napapagtakpan. i really wish that her fishy moves will go straight to her supervisor and ma-sanction sya for her activities.

JamIanTae said...

hay naku...poor service na poor customer sevice pa...i really hate it...connection nmin sa bahay putol putol...every 10mins kelangan mong irefresh ang!

Marivic Gonzales said...

Mam, I came across your blog about how inefficient Bayantel is. I share your feelings. That's also the reason why I came across your story. I've been looking for another alternative where I can reach my complaint regarding my Bayantel wireless postpaid. I've been calling their customer service (if there is any service at all) asking for a replacement of my unit since my charger for the unit isn't working at all. I've been "hanging on" to a "1-bar" charge on my phone for several days now. I'm an obstetrician and most days of the week I'm on-call, meaning, the hospital will call me if any of my patients due for delivery is in the hospital. I don't have any other landline to use. All I have are cellphones but sometimes sending sms is too time-consuming and I can't explain fully what needs to be done to my patient while on my way to the hospital. This trouble has been affecting my work already and you're very right...IT SUCKS!!! All they could tell me was to wait for the availability of my unit. So, if it becomes available next year, I have to wait for it till next year. In the meantime, what do I do? I'm not a delinquent payer and sometimes I even pay 1-2 months in advance so that I won't be bothered every month by going to the Bayad center. I have been a loyal customer for more than 5 years now.So for all your readers, I have 1 piece of advice. DON'T EVER GET INVOLVED WITH BAYANTEL BECAUSE THEIR SLOGAN "BAYANTEL CARES" IS A BIG LIE!! GET PLDT INSTEAD!!