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Friday, May 30, 2008

A Not-So-Short Story

While blog hopping this morning, one post from my colleague's blog caught my eye. It's entitled "A Short Story" from Rhyz' In My Silent Lucidity Blog. I was a little hesitant at first to continue reading because contrary to its title, the story actually consists of 3400+ words (as in effort to copy paste everything in a word doc just to get the word count..hehe).

Anyway, before you click on that link and read the story yourself, let me give you a jist of the story. It's about a wife, a husband, and a mother-in-law in between. (Haha. It's just like our family blog here, only that the mom-in-law replacing the baby in between.) The couple in the story once lived peacefully and happily, until...I know, you must be getting a little pissed with me here telling you the story. Okay, go on now and better read the story yourself.

Now you know why I said it's a not-so-short story? How many minutes did it take you to finish reading? If you're a wife like me who's having a constant struggle with your mother-in-law, I'm sure it took you longer to finish because you couldn't help relating the story to your own situation. Or perhaps, you're doing a little reflection while reading those parts on which the husband and the wife started having conflicts already because of the mother-in-law.

As of now, my mother-in-law and I are not living together, so I can say that our situation is a little far from the story. However, I could relate to the conflict that the couple experienced when the mom-in-law came in the scene. I guess, this is normal for every couple; what's important is that every conflict should be resolved by communicating instead of keeping hurt feelings to one self for long.