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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On a Countdown

Yup, I'm on a countdown! Three more days to go and we're off to our new home. I'm really excited to move in to our new place because aside from the new atmosphere, I'm sure Baby Gaby will also find it more comfortable since it has a wider space to crawl on. Weeee!!! I can't wait to see my Baby Gaby crawl to and fro the living room and the wide bedroom.

But you know, though I’m excited, at the back of my mind I’m wishing that we’re moving in to our own house already. I’ve been renting for a year now, and really sometimes I find it so impractical because the monthly payment for rent could already be paid for mortgage.

For almost a year now, Papa Ghie and I have been planning to have our own house and lot. But since our savings are not yet enough, I told him that maybe we can go for a mortgage loan. He liked the idea but he said, I should first learn more about the mortgage loan process and check the mortgage company to consider.

To do this, I visited one site called Mortgage Finders Network. It’s a very helpful source for those who are looking for mortgage loan offers and it provides other useful information about mortgage such as payment and lenders through its mortgage blog. After visiting this site, I did learn a lot about the topic. So, if you’re also thinking of buying your own house and lot, why not make this your first step?

I’m really looking forward to have a home which we can call our own. Now, with the mortgage information that I need, perhaps, I can proceed with my next step.