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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Better Left Unsaid

I've always been very vocal about my feelings. But lately, I come to realize that there are things which should be better left unsaid. I know, open communication is important in a relationship, but if this will just be the start of a misunderstanding, then I might as well keep these hurt feelings to myself.

"What I don't know won't hurt me," that's what I kept telling myself. But since there are things that I find out without intending to, I can't help but get hurt and ask myself, "Why does he have to hide some things from me on which later on I'll be able to find out?" I'm not the jealous-type of girl, it's just that I hate it when he doesn't tell me everything, especially as to where he goes during the day.

I know, I should not be expecting in return the same 100% honesty that I give. But sometimes, I find it unfair when he doesn't tell me everything. And you see, whenever I open up whatever that bothers me, instead of being listened to and my feelings being understood, I end up being that "bad girl with a super-negative attitude". So, I'd rather keep my mouth shut every time I'm hurt and keep things better left unsaid.


cEciLLe said...

ahrg.. we are on the same boat. i hate surprises.

Paula said...


I got a tag for you, hope you'll have time for it. Check my blog for details. Enjoy!