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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Our Garage

Since last year, I've been dreaming to have my own car/van. Yet, until now, it's still a dream. Though we already have little savings, we still need to save more to buy the car for our garage.

I would admit, though, that I'm really getting impatient. I want to have my own car now, as in now! But how can I if our savings are not yet enough? Should I turn to car loans for easy acquisition of my dream car? Hmmm… Why not?

While trying to find more information about car loans, I stumbled on this great auto loan site, which is created mainly to help would-be car owners like me to find the best car loan rates either for new cars or used cars. It also launched an auto loan blog so readers can be more informed about various auto topics. And if anyone decides to go for auto loan and financing or refinancing, it has a free auto loan quote readily available.

Auto loan is really a good option, but I still need to ask Papa Ghie about this. I don’t want to decide alone since this will be our first big investment. Now, let me share to you what we want for our garage.

( Hyundai Starex )

( Mercedes Benz MB100 )

( Mitsubishi Adventure )

( Toyota REVO )

( Toyota HiAce Van )


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