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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Late Happy Birthday Post

Last April 28 (yeah, I know, it's already super-late..), Baby Gaby and I attended my godson's 1st birthday party - he's no other than Daniel Ethan Cervantes. Ethan, as I call him, is the son of my friend, Chie, who is in Qatar right now. I think I blogged about him months back. Here, check my Such an Innocent Look post.

Ethan looked so different now, different in such a way that he is bigger and more handsome. Well, no doubt about it since he has a very pretty mom and "oh-dont-mention-that-name-of-his-dad-Bhem" Lols.

Ethan's 1st birthday party was a blast, with all his family around, and of course, with his Mommy Chie who came home all the way from Qatar. There was a party clown, videoke singing for everyone, and lots and lots of foods. (As in thanks Chie, for a day, I forgot that I was on a diet..wink!) And the cake, look at it. From the way it looks, I guess it's even taller than the celebrant himself. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can afford that one for Baby Gaby's 1st birthday? Calling Papa Ghie...hehehe...

Belated Happy Birthday Ethan! See you on Baby Gaby’s 1st birthday party.


cEciLLe said...

dont worry, bhem, i bet papa ghie will give gab an even bigger party. i hope to be there. :)

Phoebe said...

keeping my fingers crossed that he will..anyways, hope u'd be here on gab's 1st bday party..and hey, make sure ethan will come, ok...

take care always..miss yah!