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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's Wrong With You BAYANTEL DSL?

For a month now, my Bayantel DSL's intermittent connection has been pissing me off. During the first few days that I experienced this, I thought this would just pass away and get better after a while. But after a week of getting disconnected from time to time, I started to get so f*ckin* disappointed and immediately called 181 to report the problem. But guess what, even 181 could not be reached, as in wow! My fingers could take forever from dialling but no luck of getting through this "super-busy-line-of-Bayantel". So poor customers with complaints like me, no choice but to go for other options just to inform them about the problem.

Okay, for my next step: I saw my last billing statement (as in the nerve that I have one in spite of their "oh-so-continuous-connection") and read about the mobile number on which I can send SMS to report my complaint. Relieved a little, I immediately texted my problem to 0917-893-2189 (to Bayantel DSL subscribers: take note of this number). I waited for a reply, but...nothing! As in na-da! Near to tears, I could not do anything but called Baby Gaby's dad and told him that I could not connect to the Internet. He, himself, was so disappointed because he wants to see his daughter everyday in webcam and watch us sleeping 'til we wake up in the morning.

The following morning, I got a text message. Alas, it was from Bayantel (okay, better late than never)! The message said that they received my complaint and that they will send some technicians to check my line - note: WITHIN THE DAY! Hours after reading the message, I received a phone call from a technician of Bayantel saying that he was already at my place to check the problem. After an hour, he called up again and told me that I have to upgrade my subscription from 256kbps to 768 because it was the reason why I get disconnected everytime. He advised me to call 181 or go to the Bayantel office.

As soon as I arrived home, I called 181 - again NO LUCK! So, off to the next option - GO TO BAYANTEL OFFICE at the mall. When I arrived, the customer service rep was so friendly and assisted me on my problem. Before I left, she assured me that once she upgraded my subscription, everything will be okay. So, I left, with hope soaring high. But when I tried to login when I got home - guess what? AGAIN...AGAIN...and AGAIN...Smiley just kept smiling and the two arrows in skype kept going on circles, meaning I COULD NOT CONNECT AGAIN! GRRRRR!!!

What's wrong with you BAYANTEL DSL? I already called your customer service mobile number and talked to this Paul guy, but he could not help me as well. I even told him that I'll gonna blog about this frustrating experience. So, here I am.

Tell me, where do I turn to now? I'm so pissed off with your service. I don't know if other subscribers experience intermittent connection, but if they do, I'm sure you are off to losing a lot of prompt customers like me.