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Saturday, May 31, 2008

All Our Bags Are Packed

I'm not singing a song here, indeed our bags are packed and we're ready to go. Supposedly, we'll start moving in to our new home tomorrow morning. But because of the problem that I encountered with Bayantel, I instructed Baby Gab's nanny to start packing our things so we can begin transferring them when I get home this afternoon. I'm not so excited anymore though, because everything seems not to go well with our moving out scene - Bayantel sucks, the landlord refused to give the key this morning, and worse I'm really broke.

Anyway, got to go now. I'll just share to you some pics of the new house once we are settled tomorrow. Bye guys. Happy Weekend! :)

My Turn

A few days ago, I posted here how glad I was to be of help to my neighbor, Joy. But now, I guess it's my turn, I badly need help! It's just a day after payday but believe me, I'M ALREADY FLAT BROKE! Huhuhu! I paid a couple of utility bills yesterday, gave Gaby's babysitter her salary, and to top my expenses - the one month advance and one month deposit for the rental fee of the new place I got. Now, I don't know how in the world I am going to make my remaining cash reach until the next payday. Ideas, anyone?

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Okay, I'm back. But just the same, I'm still pissed than ever with Bayantel. So, let me share to you now the story why I ended up online in an Internet cafe last night.

The main reason: I didn't have Internet connection at home anymore. Why? Because this Bayantel customer service representative or I don't know what she's really called already posted a job order of some sort to transfer my supposedly connection to the place where I'll be transferring on Sunday. (Take note, I'll be transferring Sunday, June 1.) In short, I'm still at my old place while my connection is already at my new place. As in HALLER!!!

If you will recall, I made a post here several days back that I'll be transferring to a new house on June 1st. So, when I say transfer, I need to transfer all my previous lines as well like my DSL Internet connection and my TripinVision cable connection. I have no problem with the cable because all I need to do is to pay for the extra wire that they'll be using. But with the Internet, well, that really took me a while to decide whether to continue my Bayantel DSL subscription or not since I had a nerve-wracking experience with them which I shared to you in my post here entitled "What's Wrong With You Bayantel DSL?"

Moving on, after considering my new options like Smart BRO, Digitel DSL, and DCTV cable and Internet, I ended up sticking to my previous Internet service provider - Bayantel DSL. Why? Because of its speed which reaches up to 1000kbps (mind you, the 1280kbps is only a blah-blah) during offpeak hours. But after what happened last night, I regret as in to the highest level why I ever decided to continue subscribing with Bayantel.

Now, what really happened? Okay, it's like this. Last Wednesday, I went to Bayantel Office at the 3rd floor of Pacific Mall. I told this girl or CSR whatever named Judy that I want to transfer my connection to another location. She gave me this form and I immediately filled it up with the information that they need: Name, Previous Location, New Location, Sketch of New Location, and note DATE OF TRANSFER. When I gave her the form, I asked her if how many days it will take for the transfer. She said 3-5 days. I was relieved because paying 1,999php as transfer fee should be well-compensated with a fast service. (Note: Other Internet service providers do not charge this high for transfer alone..So if you're just renting your place, I greatly advise not to choose Bayantel DSL.)

Wednesday night, everything was still okay. I recalled chatting with Papa Ghie without disruptions and even watched the movie The Forbidden Kingdom from Megavideo without any buffer. Then came Thursday night, I tried to login at Yahoo Messenger and Skype but with no luck. Smiley just kept on smiling and the two arrows on skype just kept going on circles. As in like a DEJAVU, huh! Disappointed and all, I had no choice but to turn off my laptop after hours of trying and pigged out on foods instead. At around 10pm, Papa Ghie called and asked where I was. I said I was home but as usual I could not connect to the Internet. He was so disappointed and blamed me for choosing to continue my subscription instead of going for another Internet service provider.

In the morning, when I arrived at the office, I heard Mayan, one of my colleauges, asked our officemate Twinx if she had Internet connection the previous night. Twinx said no and Mayan shared that she had no connection as well. So, I butt in and said that I had no connection as well. By the way, Mayan is using DCTV Internet and Twinx is Smart Bro. We all came into a conclusion then, that probably there were really something wrong with all the Internet service providers at the same time. Wow! Could this really be true?

After lunch, I asked Twinx if she had a connection at home already. She said yes. And when I asked Mayan, she gave me the same answer. So, I was expecting that I also have a connection at home already. I texted Baby Gaby's babysitter and asked her if she could connect already. But her answer, a BIG FAT NO!!! As in darn, I kept on thinking what's wrong with Bayantel DSL again.

So, when I went home at around 6pm, I tried to login to YM because I was so excited to show Papa Ghie the crib that I bought for the baby in between. And guess what, I could not connect. Too pissed off, I dialled the number of Bayantel and when a CSR answered, I asked her if there was something wrong with their server. She said no and was about to explain to me more details when I cut her and told her to give me a call instead since I was using my mobile phone. (Haller, as in should the customer be the one spending money on call just to complain about their service? Their 181 number totally sucks, so no choice but to contact the mobile number, but I told the CSR to call me back instead.)

Here's our conversation:

Bayantel CSR: Hello Mam.
Phoebe: Yes.
Bayantel CSR: Mam, the reason why you don't have connection is because you requested for a transfer of location, right?
Phoebe: Yes, I did. But I indicated in the form that the date of transfer will be on June 1.
Bayantel CSR: Oh, I see. But according to the report forwarded to us Mam, it said ASAP.
Phoebe: No, I didn't say that. I even indicated that I'll be transferring on June 1st.
Bayantel CSR: Ok Mam, but you see our process is that when a transfer is requested, your previous connection is cut and transferred to the new location. So that means, that your new connection is ready now at your place.
Phoebe: (Disappointed) So you mean, I'm still here but my connection is already there?
Bayantel CSR: Yes Mam.
Phoebe: But my modem is still here with me and I don't recall any technician coming over here to change the lines and all.
Bayantel CSR: I see. Mam the process is that before the technician comes to the new location, the new line should be ready, that's why your connection there at your old location has been cut already.
Phoebe: Then, why didn't you inform me that this is the process? For two nights now, I don't have Internet, I have work to do, and my husband is waiting for me to go online. (Too angry already - voice rising). Now, what are you going to do about this? It will be a day more before I transfer and I'm stuck here without a connection.
Bayantel CSR: I'm sorry Mam but we cannot do anything as of the moment. The least that I can do is to make a report about your case.
Phoebe: (Interrupting) Yes, yes! Do that! And indicate there that the customer was so angry because she was not informed by the CSR of Bayantel - Legazpi about the whole process.

After that conversation, I immediately grabbed my wallet and stormed out of the house. My destination: Bayantel Office at the Pacific Mall. When I arrived at the mall, I saw Chic, one of my close friends at the office, and approached him. He asked why I looked so angry and where I'm heading. I told him about my problem with Bayantel and that I'm going to the 3rd floor to complain. He told me to keep my cool and to relax.

But how could I? I was already too frustrated with the whole thing. And when I arrived there, there she was, the girl who assisted me in filing for the transfer. I told her about my complain and all she could tell me was "THAT'S HOW THE PROCESS IS, MAM." Then I said, "But I indicated there that my date of transfer will be on June 1. Why didn't you tell me that upon filing, my connection will be cut. I looked like a fool for two days now waiting for a connection, yet all this time it was already cut." The girl could say nothing, not even a SORRY to pacify an erring customer. All she insisted was she thought I wanted to transfer it ASAP. And then she asked me if I want the connection back, yet when I transfer already I'll wait for a couple of days again before I get back online. I said, "No, what I want you to do now is to let a technician come to my place tomorrow so I can guide him to the new house and install everything. You already gave me so much inconvenience and to think that I'm paying 1,999php just to transfer it (which looked as if I subscribed for a whole new connection). Now, what's your name and what's the number here? If no one comes to my place tomorrow, you sure gonna hear from me." And I stormed out of the office without a smile on my face.

So, that's the whole story why last night I was in an Internet cafe. Papa Ghie even said that Bayantel should be the one to pay for my internet fee there at the cafe. See, talking about so much INCONVENIENCE and OH-SO-BAD-CUSTOMER SERVICE! And what could be worse than not to hear even a "SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE, MAM"...Grrrr. I pay my bill on time yet this is what I got!!!


Friday, May 30, 2008


Guess where I am right now? You wouldn't believe it, but YES, I'm inside an internet cafe near my place! As in me, Phoebe, inside a cafe, a big WHY??? I couldn't believe this myself! Imagine I just paid my recent bill for my Bayantel DSL connection, yet here I am right now, in a cafe which has a hotter atmosphere than in the office nor inside my house (so this simply means that it's so FREAKIN' HOT in here).

But anyway, the internet cafe is not the issue here. It's the super-disappointing-as-in-to-the-highest-level customer service of Bayantel. As in it TOTALLY SUCKS!!! Anyway, let me just continue this story tomorrow because the cafe is about to close now. See, I'm supposed to be inside my house doing this and chatting with Papa Ghie even until morning. But NOW!!! AAArrrgghhh...Got to go now.

To be continued...

Bye-Bye Debt!

Today is payday. But I'm not so happy about it. Why? Because no matter how I try to budget my pay, I still get short of cash. And while having lunch a while ago, I even asked my colleague Ate Razh why expenses increase as salary increases? I can't figure out why every time I get my salary, it just seems to slip my hand and after a few days, all I have left is my allowance for the remaining days until the next payday. Now, when unexpected expenses arise, I have no choice but to borrow money from my kind friends out there.

As much as possible, I want to avoid having debt because it's the main reason why I'm having a hard time managing my money. But well, it's inevitable for me because I have lots of expenses especially now that I'm renting a place which is way more expensive than the one I previously rent. Now, what I am going to do about this? Is it high time that I go for a debt management program?

From surfing the Internet, I learned that for those who have a number of debts, whether loans from various creditors or credit card debts, a debt management service can be of big help to become debt free. And when it comes to this kind of service, one name to rely on is No Debt Today. It’s a site that provides lots of information on how to manage your debt and extends free debt consolidation so you’ll be debt free today. Feel free to check out this site because I’m sure you will learn a lot about debt just like the way I did.

A Not-So-Short Story

While blog hopping this morning, one post from my colleague's blog caught my eye. It's entitled "A Short Story" from Rhyz' In My Silent Lucidity Blog. I was a little hesitant at first to continue reading because contrary to its title, the story actually consists of 3400+ words (as in effort to copy paste everything in a word doc just to get the word count..hehe).

Anyway, before you click on that link and read the story yourself, let me give you a jist of the story. It's about a wife, a husband, and a mother-in-law in between. (Haha. It's just like our family blog here, only that the mom-in-law replacing the baby in between.) The couple in the story once lived peacefully and happily, until...I know, you must be getting a little pissed with me here telling you the story. Okay, go on now and better read the story yourself.

Now you know why I said it's a not-so-short story? How many minutes did it take you to finish reading? If you're a wife like me who's having a constant struggle with your mother-in-law, I'm sure it took you longer to finish because you couldn't help relating the story to your own situation. Or perhaps, you're doing a little reflection while reading those parts on which the husband and the wife started having conflicts already because of the mother-in-law.

As of now, my mother-in-law and I are not living together, so I can say that our situation is a little far from the story. However, I could relate to the conflict that the couple experienced when the mom-in-law came in the scene. I guess, this is normal for every couple; what's important is that every conflict should be resolved by communicating instead of keeping hurt feelings to one self for long.

Thanks PPP!

When I opened my Baby Gaby's email account a while ago, I was so glad to see this subject: Your Post Has Been Approved. It was an email from PayPerPost saying that my previous post here entitled The Baby in Between Signed Up for PPP has been approved already. After reading it, all I can say was "Wow, that was fast!" I've just written that post yesterday, and I never expected it to be approved within 24 hours.

Now, you see how easy it is to get paid to blog, huh? Why don't you click here and sign up for PPP?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Baby in Between Signed Up for PPP

When I opened this family blog 4 months ago, I never really thought about monetizing it. I just wanted it to become our own place in the web, where I can share the stories of a mom, a dad, and a baby in between. A lot has happened to baby's dad and me before she was born, and we almost end up as a broken family. But then, God is good. So when he decided to come back to us early this year, I thought of opening this family blog to serve as an inspiration to those who already have families and to others who are thinking of having their families soon.

Now, why did I sign up and how did I learn about PPP? Okay, let me share it to you. Since last year, I promised Papa Ghie that Baby Gaby and I will give him a nice present when he comes home on January 2009. When I asked him if what it is that he likes to have, he said he wants a Playstation 3. I was quite shocked though when I learned that it was a little expensive, around 20,000php. But since I gave my word, I intend to keep it even if it means working extra hours to save the amount that I need. So when I learned from my colleague Ate Raziel that I can earn from blogging, I decided to sign up for PPP. Now, here I am, trying to get paid to blog.

PPP or PayPerPost is a great blogging opportunity for newbie bloggers like me. By simply giving my feedback or opinion about various products, services, websites, and companies, now I can do two things at the same time: to blog and to get paid to blog. Talking about hitting two birds with one stone, right? So, what else would I look for in signing up for this site? Isn’t this a great move?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beauty Secrets Tag

I got this tag from Paula. To tell you the truth, I'm not really into beauty products these days. It's not that I'm not beauty conscious or something, it's just that I don't find so much time applying or using one in the morning or even at night. Honestly, I don't do any retouch stuff at all, not even my lipstick. But perhaps, when Papa Ghie is about to come home, I can do some changes..hehehe.

Okay, let me continue this tag now.

My Foundation: sorry, I don't use one
My Mascara: Avon, but that was a long time ago
My Blush: Would you believe me if I tell you that I use one of my lipsticks as my blush? Saw my Grandma doing this, so I just copied it from her.
My Day Cream: Amira Magic Cream (don't have one now, though)
My Lipstick: WetnWild (Is this a brand?) This was just given by my friend Anne when she came home from New York
My Beauty Product Brand: Hmmm..As of now, I have Dove products.
My Essential Beauty Product: Maxi-peel...hehe just kidding...
My Favorite Makeup Product: sorry, but I rarely put make up
My Perfume: Yessamine - from Avon
My Nails: nothing (FYI: I'm a nailbiter so I keep my nails free from anything)
My Feet: Ever Bilena lotion for now (gift from my bro)
My Hands: Dove Moisturizing Lotion (from Papa Ghie)

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: I dread the thought, but anyways, IF EVER, I'll bring
rubbing alcohol
shampoo (wee..i can't think of anything)

Woman I Admire for their Beauty: Angelina Jolie (I can't get enough of her lips)
Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Hmmm...Tyra Banks?
My Ultimate Dream: To have a complete and happy family like Paula
My Favorite Fashion Publication: I only get to open one when I'm in a salon so I don't really have a favorite
Now let me tag a few people in my list: Jirl, Wats, Wendy, Lyn, Chie, and Maidz.

Time to Share Your Thoughts

On a Countdown

Yup, I'm on a countdown! Three more days to go and we're off to our new home. I'm really excited to move in to our new place because aside from the new atmosphere, I'm sure Baby Gaby will also find it more comfortable since it has a wider space to crawl on. Weeee!!! I can't wait to see my Baby Gaby crawl to and fro the living room and the wide bedroom.

But you know, though I’m excited, at the back of my mind I’m wishing that we’re moving in to our own house already. I’ve been renting for a year now, and really sometimes I find it so impractical because the monthly payment for rent could already be paid for mortgage.

For almost a year now, Papa Ghie and I have been planning to have our own house and lot. But since our savings are not yet enough, I told him that maybe we can go for a mortgage loan. He liked the idea but he said, I should first learn more about the mortgage loan process and check the mortgage company to consider.

To do this, I visited one site called Mortgage Finders Network. It’s a very helpful source for those who are looking for mortgage loan offers and it provides other useful information about mortgage such as payment and lenders through its mortgage blog. After visiting this site, I did learn a lot about the topic. So, if you’re also thinking of buying your own house and lot, why not make this your first step?

I’m really looking forward to have a home which we can call our own. Now, with the mortgage information that I need, perhaps, I can proceed with my next step.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Better Left Unsaid

I've always been very vocal about my feelings. But lately, I come to realize that there are things which should be better left unsaid. I know, open communication is important in a relationship, but if this will just be the start of a misunderstanding, then I might as well keep these hurt feelings to myself.

"What I don't know won't hurt me," that's what I kept telling myself. But since there are things that I find out without intending to, I can't help but get hurt and ask myself, "Why does he have to hide some things from me on which later on I'll be able to find out?" I'm not the jealous-type of girl, it's just that I hate it when he doesn't tell me everything, especially as to where he goes during the day.

I know, I should not be expecting in return the same 100% honesty that I give. But sometimes, I find it unfair when he doesn't tell me everything. And you see, whenever I open up whatever that bothers me, instead of being listened to and my feelings being understood, I end up being that "bad girl with a super-negative attitude". So, I'd rather keep my mouth shut every time I'm hurt and keep things better left unsaid.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Glad to be of Help

The other day, one of my neighbors asked me if I have extra money on hand because she needed to buy medicine for her son who's suffering from LBM. It was her luck because I still have a few savings left in my wallet. She was so thankful because according to her, her husband’s remittance, who happens to be a seaman, was delayed for almost a week already and she had no one else to turn to.

I was thinking, what if I was also short on budget during that day? I could just imagine how worried she would have been. I certainly know the feeling of dismay when remittance is delayed, so in a way, I felt glad that I was able to help on her immediate need for cash.

How about you? Have you experienced the same thing? If yes, where did you turn to? Nowadays, there are other solutions that people can turn to when in need for immediate cash. One of these is through a payday loan.

Basically, cash advance payday loans are short term loans that people, who are 18 years old and above and have regular source of income, can secure for immediate cash needs. If you meet these basic requirements, you can sign up on this payday loan site and get approved for a faxless payday loan in no time.

Now, if you don’t have a neighbor to lend you money for your immediate spending need, why not check this one out?

A Late Happy Birthday Post

Last April 28 (yeah, I know, it's already super-late..), Baby Gaby and I attended my godson's 1st birthday party - he's no other than Daniel Ethan Cervantes. Ethan, as I call him, is the son of my friend, Chie, who is in Qatar right now. I think I blogged about him months back. Here, check my Such an Innocent Look post.

Ethan looked so different now, different in such a way that he is bigger and more handsome. Well, no doubt about it since he has a very pretty mom and "oh-dont-mention-that-name-of-his-dad-Bhem" Lols.

Ethan's 1st birthday party was a blast, with all his family around, and of course, with his Mommy Chie who came home all the way from Qatar. There was a party clown, videoke singing for everyone, and lots and lots of foods. (As in thanks Chie, for a day, I forgot that I was on a diet..wink!) And the cake, look at it. From the way it looks, I guess it's even taller than the celebrant himself. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can afford that one for Baby Gaby's 1st birthday? Calling Papa Ghie...hehehe...

Belated Happy Birthday Ethan! See you on Baby Gaby’s 1st birthday party.

Payment Time

It's near the end of the month again, and so I decided to check my credit card bill before leaving the house this morning. Every last week of the month, I always make it a point to double check my credit card statement so as not to overlook the payment due date. Once, I neglected to check it and well, what can I expect but additional charge which reflected on my next bill.

As much as possible, I don’t want to be charged due to late payment. It’s okay if I have these finance charges for my purchases. But an added charge for late payment? Well, that should be a big no-no.

Some friends of mine are against the idea that I have a credit card with me because of these charges. They do have a point, but as far as I am concerned, this credit card is a big help to me and Baby Gaby’s dad, especially when we make online purchases. As long as we make use of it wisely, I don’t think paying it would be too much of a burden.

Anyhow, there are sites that inform consumers like me on how to use credit cards wisely. If this has been a struggle to you, well you can always visit this site to give you some insights on credit issues. They have a blog which is really a helpful source for old and new credit card holders. Now if you are new on this, feel free to check their credit card offers to find the one that best suits you.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wait No More

When I woke up this morning, the first thing that entered my mind was the new adjustment that I would have to make once we transfer to our new place. Even though I won't be starting from scratch, still it won't be easy because aside from the big stuffs (sala set, bed, etc.) that I would have to transfer, I would need to have my Internet and cable connections transferred as well, which only means additional expenses, right? No problem here if I have the cash that I need in an instant. But with payday still days away, I think I have no choice but to wait.

While thinking about this problem, I remembered one site that I happened to search online a couple of days back. It’s a cash advance or pay day loan site which offers online pay day loan solutions for people who are in dire need of cash. Like if you want to apply, all you need to do is to sign up and wait for approval within the day. It’s that easy, actually. Plus, the site is known for its cash advance no credit check feature, so no need for you to worry even if your credit card has an outstanding balance. Hmmm...Now this got me really thinking. Wait no more, eh!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sad Reality

Months back, I was eagerly anticipating for January 2009 to come because Papa Ghie is coming home and he said he will be staying for good. I was even too excited about the idea of seeing the two of them (Papa Ghie and Baby Gaby) together for the first time. But all this excitement faded when his decision suddenly changed. Now, this is the sad reality: he plans to go back to Korea and will come home on January just for a 45-day vacation.

45 days? Will I sound so selfish if I find these 45 days too short for us to be together? And from these 45 days, how many days could be alloted for us? 10? 20? 30? Or would time be kind enough to let us spend at least the 40 days out of that 45?

Ever since I met Papa Ghie in 2007, I haven't spent more than 10 days with him. So, I was really excited before when I've learned that he's coming home for good. I was thinking that if we could spend more time together, perhaps we'll have a stronger foundation for a lasting relationship. And that even if he leaves or plans to work abroad again, at least there will be more memories for us to hold on to.

But I guess, life isn't too fair for us yet, much more for Baby Gaby because in the next three years, she will be deprived of spending time with her dad and celebrating her birthdays with him around. Now, this what hurts me more. I could take the idea that Papa Ghie and I need to be apart so he can be a better provider for the family, but the thought that he has to miss all the important milestones in our daughter's life, it really tears my heart into pieces.

I hate to remember those times when I was here alone during my pregnancy, much more when I gave birth to Baby Gaby. At the clinic, I was the only mom who was giving birth without a husband around. That was too painful, especially when I saw the daddy's carrying their small babies when they were discharged from the clinic. While Baby Gaby...:(

Sometimes I would ask, would it be worth it? What I mean here is the fact that he has to be away again so he can earn more money. I was thinking, would the car, own house and lot, business, and cool gadgets be worth all the sacrifices? Can we really be happy and contented as family having all these at the expense of our daughter being deprived of growing up with a dad beside her?

I know, I sound so emotional here and others will think that I'm being so melodramatic. And for sure, some are even thinking that Papa Ghie made the right decision because life now is very difficult and everyone has to be practical. I can't blame you for thinking that way, and I can't blame him for such decision. I just hope in time, life would be a little fair for us.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Our Garage

Since last year, I've been dreaming to have my own car/van. Yet, until now, it's still a dream. Though we already have little savings, we still need to save more to buy the car for our garage.

I would admit, though, that I'm really getting impatient. I want to have my own car now, as in now! But how can I if our savings are not yet enough? Should I turn to car loans for easy acquisition of my dream car? Hmmm… Why not?

While trying to find more information about car loans, I stumbled on this great auto loan site, which is created mainly to help would-be car owners like me to find the best car loan rates either for new cars or used cars. It also launched an auto loan blog so readers can be more informed about various auto topics. And if anyone decides to go for auto loan and financing or refinancing, it has a free auto loan quote readily available.

Auto loan is really a good option, but I still need to ask Papa Ghie about this. I don’t want to decide alone since this will be our first big investment. Now, let me share to you what we want for our garage.

( Hyundai Starex )

( Mercedes Benz MB100 )

( Mitsubishi Adventure )

( Toyota REVO )

( Toyota HiAce Van )

What's Wrong With You BAYANTEL DSL?

For a month now, my Bayantel DSL's intermittent connection has been pissing me off. During the first few days that I experienced this, I thought this would just pass away and get better after a while. But after a week of getting disconnected from time to time, I started to get so f*ckin* disappointed and immediately called 181 to report the problem. But guess what, even 181 could not be reached, as in wow! My fingers could take forever from dialling but no luck of getting through this "super-busy-line-of-Bayantel". So poor customers with complaints like me, no choice but to go for other options just to inform them about the problem.

Okay, for my next step: I saw my last billing statement (as in the nerve that I have one in spite of their "oh-so-continuous-connection") and read about the mobile number on which I can send SMS to report my complaint. Relieved a little, I immediately texted my problem to 0917-893-2189 (to Bayantel DSL subscribers: take note of this number). I waited for a reply, but...nothing! As in na-da! Near to tears, I could not do anything but called Baby Gaby's dad and told him that I could not connect to the Internet. He, himself, was so disappointed because he wants to see his daughter everyday in webcam and watch us sleeping 'til we wake up in the morning.

The following morning, I got a text message. Alas, it was from Bayantel (okay, better late than never)! The message said that they received my complaint and that they will send some technicians to check my line - note: WITHIN THE DAY! Hours after reading the message, I received a phone call from a technician of Bayantel saying that he was already at my place to check the problem. After an hour, he called up again and told me that I have to upgrade my subscription from 256kbps to 768 because it was the reason why I get disconnected everytime. He advised me to call 181 or go to the Bayantel office.

As soon as I arrived home, I called 181 - again NO LUCK! So, off to the next option - GO TO BAYANTEL OFFICE at the mall. When I arrived, the customer service rep was so friendly and assisted me on my problem. Before I left, she assured me that once she upgraded my subscription, everything will be okay. So, I left, with hope soaring high. But when I tried to login when I got home - guess what? AGAIN...AGAIN...and AGAIN...Smiley just kept smiling and the two arrows in skype kept going on circles, meaning I COULD NOT CONNECT AGAIN! GRRRRR!!!

What's wrong with you BAYANTEL DSL? I already called your customer service mobile number and talked to this Paul guy, but he could not help me as well. I even told him that I'll gonna blog about this frustrating experience. So, here I am.

Tell me, where do I turn to now? I'm so pissed off with your service. I don't know if other subscribers experience intermittent connection, but if they do, I'm sure you are off to losing a lot of prompt customers like me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Oh My!

I got my credit card bill today and well, I'm not so happy to see it. "My oh my, when will I ever pay this in full?" Although this card has been very helpful to me and to Baby Gaby's dad, sometimes I would wish that I'm not too irresponsible in using it.

Having a credit card really has its advantages and disadvantages. So for those who are thinking applying for one, make sure that you weigh the pros and cons first. Now, if you think that it's not worth it, then consider other options how to get immediate cash when payday is still days away.

While surfing the net, I come across this site about bad credit payday loans. I don't know much about this type of loan, so I read on. I've learned that if a person has a bad credit, this loan can help settle and dissolve it.

Hmmm..Now, that got me thinking? Do you think that's the best solution to my problem? If it is, then I won’t have to go through so much hassle because this payday loan site offers easy sign up and fast loan approval service. Talking about convenience and instant access in one, right?

Found A New Home, New Car Next

This morning, I visited the "house for rent" that I've been eyeing on for days now. At first, I had second thoughts of renting it because it was a little expensive and was way beyond my budget. But upon thorough inspection, I begun to like it, thus I arrived at a final option.

Now, what made me like the said house? First, it was huge: with two big bedrooms, a wide area for living room, kitchen, and dining, and a nice toilet and bath. Second, the rooftop has a superb space, and it would be perfect for Baby Gaby's 1st birthday party on November. And third, it has a garage. (wink)

Why the need for a garage? I know some of you will think that having a house with a garage is a little impractical for me, since I don't have a car yet. You may be right on that, but then hopefully, before the year ends, I'll have one (even 2nd-hand) of my own.

So, aside from having a garage ready for my "short-term-dream-car", I'm also getting myself educated now about car insurance. And to find the information that I need, I go to - a helpful source for car owners and would-be car owners like me. It's a site which deals mainly on car insurance options and auto insurance quote. So, if you are a would-be car owner like me, why not check this site?

Now, I am more than excited to transfer to my new home, much more to have my own car parked on that garage. Whew, I know it won't be easy, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be long.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Got A Comment

This morning, I got this friendster comment from my Baby Gaby's account. Although I knew that it wasn't really from Baby Gaby (since haller, she's still a baby!), still I felt glad because it was Papa Ghie who made the effort to search and copy paste the said Mother's Day comment to my friendster account. Here, let me share it to you:

mothers_day Comments

It's so cute, right? So, I'm thinking, as soon as Baby Gaby learns to stand on her own, I'll take a picture of us like that on the image.

"Thanks Papa Ghie! Though the comment was a bit late, I want you to know that I appreciate it so much. Hope you'll always be there and support me to become a great mom to our great kid. "

Share your Thoughts Once Again

Monday, May 12, 2008


Last week, I received a phone call from my landlord saying that my contract in renting his place won't be extended anymore. It's not because I don't pay my rent on time, but because his daughter chose to study in the city and will be staying at the said house. He gave me until the last day of May to find a new place to rent, which was rather a short notice, but what can I do. So now, here I am, desperate to find a new place for me and Baby Gaby.

Hours after that phone call, I was so optimistic that I'll be able to find a place in no time. But now, after looking at 5 options, I realized that finding a place to rent is not easy at all; they were either too small or too big for us. Oh, and I forgot to mention the rate, I almost faint when I've learned how much the last option was, it was a hefty 8000Php. Think about that. It was way beyond my budget, and would be too impractical considering the fact that I can already use that amount for monthly house and lot amortization.

Now, I don't know where to start looking again. I'm getting frustrated, really. And a while ago, I couldn't help but feel down thinking that I'm alone in doing this search. Gaby's dad is still away, so there's no way I can't rely on him to do this for me, for us. I couldn't blame him though, because I know, he's working hard for Baby Gaby's future. But during times like this, I'd wish that he's here with us, or that he didn't make that wrong decision on which the supposedly resources that we can use to start having a house and lot are in the hands of other people.

So, what am I going to do now? I have less than 3 weeks left before the set date for us to leave the house. Suggestions, recommendations, anyone? I'm getting desperate, but I'm not losing hope that I'll find the right one on time - and when I say the right one, it should have two bedrooms, a space for a living room, dining, kitchen, little play area, toilet and bath, and a garage. Got any ideas where I can find one? Friends, help me on this please...please...please...

Friday, May 9, 2008

I Love You More Each Day

While looking at you now, I couldn't help but feel more proud to have you as my little girl. I love you more each day, Baby Gaby!

Share your Thoughts to the Baby in Between

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Great Weekend

We're back! Baby Gaby and I spent a great weekend over there at Papa Ghie's place. Although the 1 1/2 hour travel was a little tiring, it all paid off when I saw how happy Papa Ghie's mom and dad (my in-laws so to speak) to see the baby in between. We left our place around 9:30 A.M. and since their place is almost 40 kilometers away from our place, seeing this sign gave me a feeling of relief.

Papa Ghie's hometown is in Manito (Tinapian in particular) - a 5th class municipality located on the eastern part of Albay. Although there are no major landmarks to visit in their place, spending a nice weekend or a vacation there will give you that "close-to-nature" feeling because it's away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Anyway, moving on, since we arrived near lunch time, Papa Ghie's mom (now I called Ma as well.hehehe) prepared a simple yet such a delicious meal for a city girl (city girl chos!lols) like me (perhaps I was just too hungry that's why it tasted so good.LOLs). Actually, it was only fried fish, but I don't know why it tasted so different from the fried fish that I eat here in the city. Ma said that the fish was very fresh, and got it from "bunuan". (Hmmm.. I forgot the exact meaning of this one, I'll ask Papa Ghie later) But anyway, I did have a hearty lunch and felt like taking a siesta after since the atmosphere there was very relaxing. But then, I didn't want to waste time so I went to his cousin's place instead to say hi.

After having a nice conversation plus a short videoke session with Papa Ghie's cousins namely Tonet, Nonet, Tate, Me-ann, RJ, and others which I forgot the name, I went back to Ma's house to see what's cooking. You see last Sunday, May 4, was also Baby Gaby's 6th month birthday so I brought a cake and Ma cooked "pancit" and "biko". When the foods were ready, we invited some of Ma's relatives to join us in celebrating Gaby's monthly birthday. Here are some of the pictures that I took:

(Yummy! My cake looks delicious. YumYum!)

(Mommy blowing the cake for me)

(6 Months Old Baby Gaby)

Overall, the celebration was superb (though the food was limited) and I was glad to see Papa Ghie's relatives happy especially when Baby Gaby flashes her adorable smile.

After the "small birthday party", I spent the remaining day talking with some of his cousins. They told me that Baby Gaby looks more like her dad and that they found her so cute with those dimples and big round eyes. Of course, as a mommy, I felt super proud. I did not even expect Gaby to be so friendly during that day, smiling to everyone as if she had seen them before.

At night, nothing was left much to do for me since most of his cousins went to this "dance party" (chos! dance party.lols) or what we simply call here as "baraylehan" or "kurudalan". In rural areas, "fiestas" are very popular, and during the "disperas" or that night before the day of the fiesta, a "dance" is held. Supposedly, I'd go together with his cousins, but since Gaby's nanny also wanted to be there, I just stayed home and babysit Gaby.

Okay, the next day, Ma and I went to Bagong Sirang, a part of Tinapian, to attend the fiesta. I never expected it to be so much fun, yet a bit exhausting. Under the excruciating heat of the sun, we went "house-hopping" (hahaha!), on which each house that we entered, foods were readily served at the table. Yum-yum! Hmmm..Let me count how many houses we think, all in all there were 8 houses, on which I only remembered 4 names of the owners..hehehe...(bad Bhem) But anyway, I did enjoy the foods that they served (hey, I didn't eat in all 8, only in 7 I think. hahaha)

At around 2:00P.M., exhausted and full, Ma, Tiya Glice, Tiya Nelicia, Ate Vangie, and I decided to go home. When we reached home, I saw Ghie's cousins already busy preparing for the birthday celebration of Pay Pael - Ghie's grandfather. The "pabitin" and "palayok" were already hanging, and the streamer and other decorations were already in place. It was Pay's 87th birthday yet the theme of the party seemed to be for a kid's 1st birthday..weee! But it's actually a nice idea since Pay has a lot of grandchildren who are kids at heart and well, great grandchildren with ages ranging from 6 months to 5 years old (with Baby Gaby as the youngest, the newest addition to the Sibuyo family).

Pay's birthday celebration started with a thanksgiving mass held at the house of Pay's daughter, Tiya Vivian. I was deep in my thoughts (char!char!) when Ate Jean, another cousin of Papa Ghie, called my name to read the 1st reading. I was of course shocked, and I nearly faint (chos! lolz!) She did not inform me beforehand that I'll be reading so I was really surprised. But then again, I had to do it and no time for me to say no and make "arte-arte" since the eyes of all Sibuyo family were on me. So, okay, I stood up, even with my knees shaking and my heart pounding with 200 beats per minute (lolz!), took a last minute instruction from the priest and started reading. Read...Pause...Look at the people around...Then read again...1 minute. 2 minutes. 3, whew at last the chapter that I was reading up to the Responsorial Psalms were done, leaving my hands still cold as ice. (oowwwsss!lolz)

After the mass, everyone gathered near the table for the blowing of the cake. Pay was very happy to hear his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren sing the Happy Birthday, while fireworks were litted outside for more special effects. weee..vongga! lolz. And before the program started, everyone ate the "salu-salo" first.

When everyone's stomach was already full, Me-ann took the queue and started the program. A special number was given by the little grandchildren, followed by messages from Pay and Tiyo Agus, Pay's nephew who happened to share the same birthday with him. Pay also delivered a special song for everyone, which made us all teary-eyed.

After his special number, messages were given by 1. Pay's sister-in-law, Lola Ine, 2. Pay's eldest son, Tiyo Henry, 3. Pay's eldest grandchild, Kuya Ramil, and 4. Guess who? No other than - ME. Yup, you read me right, it was me!

But why me? I didn't really know, it was some sort of connivance by Ghie's mom and some of his cousins. Supposedly, they were asking me to sing for Pay but since it came as a surprise and I wasn't prepared, I settled on giving a message instead. After giving the message, I asked Ma why they called me to speak in front of the whole family. She said that it was the way for the rest of the Sibuyo family to know me as the newest addition to their family. I didn't know what to feel because all this time, I thought I would never really be a part of Papa Ghie's family. But after that night, hope abides on me that perhaps things will really become alright for me and Papa Ghie once he comes back and stays home for good.

(Pay's children)

(Pay's grandchildren)

(Pay's great grandbabies - Terence, Gaby, and Thea)

The night went on with so much fun. Games were played, and I even joined the stop dance contest. Too bad, I didn't win. There was also a dance contest for the kids, a Hephep-Horray- Manito Version contest, and the batting of the "palayok" which really made the kids and the whole crowd roaring with laughter. After all the contests were done, the floor was opened for the "dance party"...weeee..

Pay's 87th birthday was really a blast. And my weekend in Tinapian turned out to be one of the most stress-free weekends I've ever had. I felt sad when we had to leave the place last Tuesday morning. But well, Baby Gaby and I can always go back as long as I have free time. This time, I'll be looking forward to that day. Hmmm. And that means on June 16th, for my nephew, John-John's 1st birthday.

Cute Stuff for The Baby in Between

While browsing the net for some stuff for the baby in between, I came across this site called Sweet Supermall.They have these Amazing Animals Sing-Along Mommy & Baby Elephant or Tiger and really cute Toddler Girls' Little Mermaid Briefs. I'm sure these will be great for my little girl. But aside from baby stuff, they also offer women's clothings,gadgets, and others. Truly a great mall on the web!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cool MP3s

It feels good listening to cool mp3s while on our way to Papa Ghie's place. And I'm really glad I was able to download my favorite songs before travelling. Where did I find them? From this MP3 Search Engine, go see for yourself!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Away Over The Weekend

Tomorrow we (Baby Gaby, her nanny Ate Ging, and I) are going to Papa Ghie's place. His grandfather is celebrating his 80+ birthday on Monday, May 5th, so he's expecting us to be there and celebrate with him. Actually, I really don't want to go; not because I don't want to celebrate but because I'm trying to avoid "those people" who, for some reason, will not be happy to have me around during the said occasion. But what can I do, his grandfather is expecting us, so I'm keeping my word that I'll be there.

Papa Ghie's place is a couple of miles away from mine, thus we'll have to travel for 1 1/2 hours. I don't mind too much about the distance, what I'm more concerned about is the road going to his place. They say that when it rains hard, it's difficult for small vehicles to pass through. So, since Monday I kept telling Baby Gab's nanny that hope it would not rain this week. (But at the back of my mind, something tells me that hope it would..hmmmm..)

Anyway, everything is set for the weekend stay-over at Papa Ghie's place: Baby Gaby's diapers, milk, feeding bottles, clothes, and the off lotion to keep those mosquitoes away from my baby's delicate skin. (sorry mosquis, you ain't goin' near my bebe). In a while, I'm off to the baker's shop to buy that cake for Baby Gaby's 6th month birthday tomorrow, and of course, the cake for Grandpa's birthday on Monday.

See yah all on Monday!

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