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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Baby is Back!

Hmmm. You might be wondering where the baby in between went. No, it's not the baby in between that I'm referring to here. It's my Macbook, which was under major troubleshooting over the weekend due to kernel panic attack. I thought I'll be able to have it before the long weekend, but then our computer technician could not find time to fix it during weekdays.

Anyway, my baby's back now, and I'm more than happy to have "him" back. Yes, from now on, I'll take more care of "him, as "he" is our long distance relationship's lifeblood. Without him, Daddy and I will have a hard time communicating. And of course, the baby in between won't be able to make "pacute" faces to her Daddy on webcam. LOL :D

Sidenote: To our ever accommodating and supportive tech, Russel: In case you come across my blog, I'd like to say thanks very much for bringing my baby back to me. I really appreciate the big help. Should I say 'til next? Nah..Hehehe.


anne said...

ay it is really hard kung wala tayong mga computer eh ito lang bridge natin para makapag communicate tayo sa ating love one's abroad mas mura kasi than phone

ryliej said...

Hi Phoebs, yaon sa ibong kong blog so duw mong links hehehe,.. yaon kaya duman gabos na "uragon" bloggers hehehe.. exclusive lol.. check mo uam.. dai magparaworry ta makaapekto an sa baby mo..