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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sooo Tired

The preggy me is feeling sooo tired after a hard day's work. But actually, it's not the work that's causing me this. But the long distance travel from work to home, and the search that I made just to find the right cloth for my daughter's school uniform. Good thing, I was able to find it a while ago; because if not, I'd be too disappointed considering the travel that I made, not to mention the heavy traffic I had to go through there in Laguna.

Now, here I am still in the Internet cafe, in spite of the exhaustion that I feel. Updating this blog, submitting one opportunity in SS, and reporting "for duty" LOL :D I mean online to my hubby need to be done first before I go home and take some rest. The kids are actually waiting for me, so I'd better end this post here now. Nytie nyt!


mye said...

hi phoebe - being preggy and working is tiring but it will be well worth it for sure ^_^

thank you for dropping by my blog. stay happy ^_^